Renault K-ZE 2020.

Renault K-ZE 2020

Renault K-ZE 2020.

Renault K-ZE 2020 — the most affordable electric car for the city.
It is no secret that Renault has long strived to become one of the leading brands that produce high-quality and affordable electric cars. More recently, a new electric car was introduced at an exhibition in China — the Renault City K-ZE.

The new hatchback meets all the requirements that developers from Renault have set for themselves. The car has a rather interesting appearance, good characteristics, which are enough for comfortable movement around the city and with all this, a relatively low cost.

Renault K-ZE 2020.


The first thing you want to pay attention to, and what is not in previous Renault models, is the abundance of decorative elements. In general, the car looks very bright and attractive from any angle.

The front of the car looks especially interesting. The car’s dreadfulness is attributed to the high position of the muzzle, an interesting shape of the grille and fog optics, which are even larger than the head one in size. Head optics, in turn, look very impressive thanks to the aggressive design.

The body kit occupies most of the entire face and is divided into two parts. The upper part is painted in the color of the entire body, and the lower is not painted and has a dark gray color. On the lower part of the body kit there is a large grille of an additional air intake.

The side of the car is made in the tradition of the Renault brand. Large side windows, separated by wide racks in black. The windows are also framed by a black stripe. Another detail, made in the spirit of Renault, are the rear-view mirrors, which are made of unpainted plastic with inserts of the main body color.

Unpainted plastic also has decorative inserts at the bottom of doors, skirts and wheel arches with a square shape. The entire profile of the body is decorated with a light undulating relief.

Looking at the car from behind, you can also notice Renault’s signature style. A small oval-shaped window, a short visor above it and a door decorated with a wave-like relief. Dimensional optics have an aggressive shape and an interesting design. The body kit stands out little and has only fog optics at the edges and a stop signal from the bottom in the center.

Renault K-ZE 2020.


The interior of the new 2018-2019 Renault City K-ZE hatchback is distinguished by its modesty and at the same time high-quality materials (albeit not expensive) and comfortable seats. In addition, this car received a good set of additional options, allowing you to comfortably move at any distance.

The center console boasts a large touch screen, above which deflectors are located. At the bottom of the center console is a climate settings panel. The lack of a wide variety of buttons and washers suggests that almost all the functionality of the cabin will be configured precisely from the touch screen.

The tunnel also looks quite modest and has nothing more. Here you can see only the joystick, thanks to which the drive mode and the hand brake are selected. In the expanded configuration, the tunnel is complemented by an armrest and niches for glasses.

The car has four full seats. Fabrics are used for upholstery. It is worth noting that the fabric used for the upholstery is quite high quality and durable.

The front row of seats is equipped with heating and electric adjustments. The rear sofa does not have additional functions, except for a retractable armrest. The luggage compartment is quite small and can accommodate only 300 liters.

Renault K-ZE 2020.


For the movement of the car meets an electric motor with a capacity of 33 kW, issuing 45 horsepower. The motor is located above the front axle of the electric vehicle. The battery capacity is almost 27 kW / h.

This battery lasts for 220-250 kilometers without recharging. A full battery charge takes about four hours and is carried out from a conventional outlet. On a test drive, the car showed a top speed of 105 km / h.

Renault K-ZE 2020

Options, prices and release date

The possible price will vary mainly from the choice of the equipment of the passenger compartment. The motor and chassis of the car will remain unchanged with any configuration.

The preliminary price is from 8 to 10 thousand US dollars (from 520 to 650 thousand Russian rubles), but, according to the developers, it can significantly decrease and this means that Renault City K-ZE will be the most budget electric car.

The electric car Renault K-ZE is designed specifically for the Chinese market. We have not yet discussed the start of sales in Russia, but everything is possible and we can only wait.

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