Renault Kiger 2021.

Renault Kiger 2021.

Renault Kiger 2021.

The French-Japanese partnership Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi continues to bring new models to the global automotive market, with the 2021 Nissan Magnite compact crossover unveiled last month and now featuring the new French urban SUV as the new 2021 Renault Kiger.

So far, only a concept car of this model has been presented, but it will definitely not be a matter of an early start of mass production, since this SUV for the most part technically borrows a lot from what was prepared for the Magnite model.


The very concept of creating such crossovers, the length of which does not exceed 4 meters, is aimed at obtaining serious tax concessions that are given to automakers in India.

Renault Kiger 2021.

It was for this country that the Datsun Magnite was developed, and here, first of all, analogs in the guise of the French Renault Kiger SUV 2021 model year will be supplied.

Both cars were built on the front-wheel drive platform CMF-A, obtained from Renault Kwid, which immediately removes all questions about the drive — it can only be the front one.

At the same time, the crossover gets a fashionable design and a good «off-road» ground clearance: if the Magnite had 205 mm, then the «Frenchman» was added an additional 5 mm.


The presentation of any show car automatically assumes the presence of certain bright attributes in it, which are unlikely to appear on production cars.

Renault Kiger 2021.

It is not known exactly which of the decor proposed by the French novelty will remain, but the new Renault Kiger of 2021 clearly does not suffer from the modesty and dullness of the exterior.

A beautiful body kit with green accents, small side mirrors, a rear bumper with a figured exhaust pipe built into it, ultra-futuristic rims — if the serial version refuses these elements, then the wheel arch extensions, stylish LED front and rear lights, as well as a roof railing system the roof may well remain.


Inside the new crossover Renault Kiger 2021 model year, the developers are not letting anyone in yet, but there is no reason to think that the French version of the compact SUV will be anything different from the Datsun Magnite, the interior of which has been carefully designed and ergonomically approved.

Renault Kiger 2021.

We must not forget that we are talking about a «state employee», so fabric trim, modest displays, a standard multifunction steering wheel and a simple climate control panel will be in place here.

In addition, the five-seater interior of the novelty will actually be a four-seater (as hinted at by the two head restraints on the rear sofa), and the luggage compartment volume will be at the level of 330-340 liters, as on the Datsun Magnite.

Technical stuffing

The manufacturer has already announced information about the engine range for the new Renault Kiger 2021 model year and as the base one has defined the same 72-horsepower naturally aspirated engine for the crossover that was intended for its Japanese counterpart.

Renault Kiger 2021.

This economical 1.0-liter engine can be equipped with a robotic or mechanical (5 gears)
transmission, but a more expensive version of the same engine, which received a turbocharger, which provided an additional 28 hp. with., will be assisted either by the same «mechanics» or by a variator.

In the basic equipment of Renault Kiger, two airbags, rear parking sensors and an air conditioning system are expected. Options — contour lighting of the cabin and all-round cameras.

The manufacturer promised that Renault Kiger will be supplied not only to India, but also to a number of other countries, however, he did not name any specific export markets, nor those possible names under which the 2021 Kiger could be offered, for example, in Europe or Russia.

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