Renault Quid 2021.

Renault Quid 2021.

Renault Quid 2021.

Renault Quid 2021: compact subcompact hatchback.
Taking into account the increased consumer interest in cars of an affordable price segment, Renault has developed a new version of the popular off-road hatchback, which will be released under the name Renault Quid 2021.

Initially, the new model is focused on the needs of the driving community in developing countries.

In-depth restyling had a positive effect on the design of the body, the quality of materials for the interior trim, and the improvement of the traction and consumption parameters of the power unit.

The ergonomics of the seats have been significantly improved, the resource has been increased and the reliability of the onboard equipment has been increased.


In the new generation Renault Quid of the 2021 model, nothing betrays its budgetary status. In the design of the hatchback there is a combination of traditional corporate style and a number of original design developments.

The car looks stylish and very modern, so it can become attractive for young drivers and older car enthusiasts. In the photo in the most advantageous frontal view, the novelty demonstrates:

Renault Quid 2021.

the nominal difference in the angles of the dynamic inclination of the windshield and the short bonnet decorated with wave longitudinal reliefs;
bright brand logo and horizontal slats of the compact radiator cladding;
interesting design of blocks of budget halogen optics.

The basic configuration of the protruding bumper, supplemented with ribbed reliefs, is a plastic grille of the lower air intake and a set of round fog lamps integrated into the side diffusers. A compact body kit completes the front end layout.

No less interesting is the new Renault Quid 2021 in profile projection. In sight: decorative domed roof rails, massive perimeter and wide side window pillars, modern mirrors and recessed door handles.

The structural and layout features of the body also include square wheel arches, a massive protective and decorative sill strip and a multi-leaf design of black wheels.

The fact that the hatch belongs to the category of off-road vehicles is confirmed by the high seating position, compact overhangs and the presence of a protective plastic «skirt» on the lower edge of the body.

To a lesser extent, the upgrade affected the modernization of the stern. In the spotlight:

oval configuration of the rear glass, complemented by a spoiler;
stepped cross-sections of the trunk lid;
a set of multifunctional flashlights.

Renault Quid 2021.

In the lower part of the stern, attention is drawn to the vertical arrangement of the fog lamps and the protective panel of the plastic body kit decorated with three reflectors.


In the design of the five-seater salon volume, inexpensive, but sufficiently high-quality fabric and hard facing plastic dominate.

The three-spoke design of the steering wheel does not obstruct the view of the single-mode digital instrument cluster.

The blocky console layout includes a 7-inch media monitor and on-board air conditioning settings.

Even in the basic modification, the new Renault Kwid 2021 offers very high output characteristics of the on-board audio system for its class.

Most of the central tunnel is dedicated to a container for small luggage. The rest of the volume is occupied by technical and electronic options presented in the optimal amount for a budget employee.

A good impression is left by the layout of the front seats equipped with lateral support and mechanical settings.

The five-seater layout of the cabin volume should be considered conditional, since there is enough space on the rear three-seater sofa for two adult riders. In the top version, heating and a folding armrest are promised.

Renault Quid 2021.

The new body is equipped with a 300-liter luggage compartment. It is possible to increase its capacity up to 1115 liters due to a simple and time-saving transformation of the second row seats.


The length, width and height of the five-door Quid 2021 have been edited in the classic dimensions for a class «A» car: 3679 x 1579 and 1478 mm. The length of the wheelbase is 2422, and the clearance height is 180 mm.

Despite the crossover layout and off-road clearance, the hatchback positions itself as a city cross-country vehicle suitable for driving on roads with problematic surfaces. In the design properties of the undercarriage:

the time-tested advantages of the modular front-wheel drive platform CMF-A;
combined MacPherson strut and beam-torsion bar suspension;
a combination of ventilated disc and shoe brakes;
rack and pinion steering gear.

Renault Quid 2021.

A three-cylinder «atmospheric» with parameters of 0.8 l / 54 hp is declared as a non-alternative engine. and 72 Nm of peak thrust.

The power characteristics of the power unit are effectively implemented by a front-wheel drive five-speed manual transmission.

The rated power of the power unit compensates for the economical consumption of fuels and lubricants, up to 4 l / 100 km of run in combined mode.

The versatile test drive has been fully implemented, but its results will be known after full processing.

Options and prices

At the first stage of production, the new 2021 Renault Quid will be available in base and top trim levels.

In dollar terms, the price of a novelty in the branded model range is 3900 and 5300 USD, respectively.

According to experts, in the category of technically equipped and fairly comfortable cars of the initial price category, the cost of a hatchback is one of the lowest.

Competing models

The list of the most realistic contenders includes the similar Renault Sandero Stepway, Hafei Brio, Geely LC and KIA Picanto Cross.

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