Renault Sandero 2022.

Renault Sandero 2022.

Renault Sandero 2022.

Everything you need to know about the new 2022 Renault Sandero — the latest news.

It has been almost 1,5 years since the new generation Dacia Sandero was presented.

However, so far Renault has not brought this model to the Russian market.

It is still unknown when the French model will appear in our country. But tests of the new Renault Sandero 2022 are already underway on Russian roads.

It is already known that in our country will be presented a hatchback that differs from the Dacia model of the same name.

In particular, the Sandero intended for the Russian market, will be higher than the Romanian: the manufacturer will increase its ground clearance.

While there is no official confirmation of this information from the Renault company.

According to rumors, the «Russian» Sandero stylistically will not differ from the Romanian.

This means that the hatchback will receive distinctive headlights with Y-shaped LED stripes, redesigned bumpers and a number of other modified body elements.

Renault Sandero 2022.

But visually the novelty will remain similar to its predecessor.

One of the main news recently related to the Sandero is the announcement that the car leaves the market.

But this message has two important nuances. First of all, Sandero leaves the South American market.

In addition, the company Renault removes from the lineup «charged» modification RS. Sandero in this version appeared, in particular, on the Brazilian market back in 2014.

Since then, the car has been in stable demand, and therefore Renault’s decision raises certain questions.

Renault Sandero 2022.

As explained by representatives of the French company, the Sandero RS leaves the market due to the fact that the engine, which is now installed on the «charged» hatchback, does not meet environmental standards.

We should note that the car is equipped with a 2-liter gasoline engine that develops up to 147 hp of useful power and 198 N*m of torque.

It is combined exclusively with a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, Renault has offered customers of the Sandero RS a special version of this motor, which can consume ethanol (a popular fuel in Brazil).

In adapting to this type of fuel Renault engineers have reduced the maximum power to 150 hp, but increased the pull to 205 N*m.

Renault Sandero 2022.

The French company, according to an official statement, does not plan to upgrade the unit.

This is explained by the fact that during the presence of Sandero RS on South American market the manufacturer has sold about 4.6 thousand copies of the car.

Such low demand is due to the fact that the French hatchback in this version costs 1.29 million rubles (recalculated at current exchange rates).

Due to low sales Renault company will not be able to recoup the cost of upgrading the engine over the next few years.

Renault Sandero 2022.

As for the Sandero, designed for the Russian market, there is little official information about it.

In particular the technical characteristics of the hatchback are unknown yet. In Europe the car is sold with three types of engines developing up to 64, 90 and 99 hp.

It is likely that Renault will not equip the Sandero, which will come to Russia with these units.

The car is likely to keep the previous set of motors, including 1.6-liter engines, which develop up to 82, 102 or 113 hp depending on the type.

At that the interior of «Russian» Sandero will be made in the style of the Romanian model.

In particular, the hatchback must get a digital instrument cluster, all-around visibility system and heated seats of the first row.

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