Renault Taliant 2022.

Renault Taliant 2022.

Renault Taliant 2022.

Renault Taliant 2022. The new Renault Taliant sedan, aka the third generation Logan.
It would seem that Renault has already presented the Renaulution strategy, according to which the parent brand will produce more expensive cars, giving the budget segment to the Dacia and Lada brands.

However, in some markets, none of these brands are represented. Therefore — meet: the budget sedan Renault Taliant, that is, a disguised third-generation Dacia Logan model for the Turkish market.

By the way, the former Logan was also sold here under a pseudonym (Renault Symbol).

The new Logan / Sandero family debuted in Europe last fall and is already heavily sold on the local market.

But the transformation of Dacia into Renault turned out to be larger than it seems at first glance. If before the cars under the two brands outside differed only in nuances, now the sedan, along with the emblem, has seriously changed the design!

Headlamps with branded running light boomerangs and a characteristic radiator grill are just the tip of the iceberg.

Taliant has different bumpers and a more embossed hood, but from the sidewalls, on the contrary, the sagging in the area of ​​the waist line has disappeared.

Renault Taliant 2022.

This means that the stamps of the wings and doors are different here. And new taillights — for the first time with additional sections on the boot lid.

At the same time, the dimensions of the sedan remained the same. The Renault Taliant, like the Dacia Logan, is 4396 mm long (38 mm longer than the «second» Logan), and the wheelbase is 2649 mm (plus 14 mm).

The width of the sedan is 1848 mm, the height is 1501 mm. A choice of wheels with a diameter of 15 or 16 inches. The trunk volume is an impressive 628 liters.

Logan / Sandero and the new Taliant are built on the modular CMF-B platform. The chassis architecture is the same here (McPherson at the front, semi-independent suspension at the rear), and the drum brakes on the rear wheels are still there.

Renault Taliant 2022.

But the electrics and electronics have been tightened up. For example, instead of the power steering, there is now an electric unit, there is an electric handbrake, and Taliant can also have a blind spot monitoring system. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and reach.

The interior of the Turkish model differs from the Euro-Logan in nuances. For example, there is a different steering wheel and ventilation deflectors, and the front panel is decorated with a black glossy insert instead of matte plastic.

Analog devices with a monochrome screen of the trip computer are preserved.

Euro-Logan «in the base» does not have an audio system, but it allows you to connect a smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, and a pair of speakers is still available.

The Turkish sedan has the same solution, but in addition there is still a simple radio with a small monochrome display.

Renault Taliant 2022.

Option — a full-fledged media system with an eight-inch color touchscreen. Taliant can also have climate control, light and rain sensors, a rear-view camera, an engine start button and folding tables in the back row.

The engine range for the Logan and Taliant models is the same: only three-cylinder units. The basic aspirated 1.0 SCe (65 hp) is combined with a five-speed «mechanics», the acceleration time to «hundreds» is 17 seconds long.

The 1.0 TCe turbo engine (90 hp) is paired with a six-speed manual transmission or an X-Tronic variator, the sedan accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.7 and 13.9 s, respectively.

And there is also a gas modification in the range: the same turbo engine can run on propane and produces 100 hp, but such a car can only be ordered with «mechanics».

Renault Taliant 2022.

The Turkish-made Renault Taliant (Oyak-Renault plant in Bursa) is already on sale in the local market.

And if the old Symbol (that is, the «second» Logan) here cost from $ 16,800, the new sedan is estimated at at least $ 20,000. For example, the European model Kia Rio here costs from $ 19,400, and the Toyota Corolla — from $ 25,000.

When to expect a new sedan in Russia? This is an open question so far. Logan / Sandero of the second generation under the Renault brand appeared with us with a two-year delay relative to Europe, and now it will probably remain.

And it’s not a fact that a new generation car will come to us exactly in this form and under the name Taliant.

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