Renault Talisman 2020.

Renault Talisman 2020...

Renault Talisman 2020.

Renault Talisman 2020 — a new sedan and station wagon without hybrid engines
In 2020, Renault will celebrate the release of restyling the latest Talisman model, which was not represented in the country of Logans and Solaris, but found support in a wide range of customers in Western society.

For those who do not follow the news of the French automobile industry, we recall that the Talisman changed the good old Laguna in the model line of the 15th year and now is actually the flagship of the brand in the D + class, including VW Passat, Ford Mondeo and others.
In addition to the performance in the style of a sedan, the car is presented in the form of a station wagon.

Renault Talisman 2020...


Restyling practically did not affect the technical part of the model, since back in 2018 Renault had to urgently correct the motor range due to new environmental standards, and the platform that was put in 2015 is still relevant.

The trolley is represented by the CMF modular platform, the suspension, as before, received adaptive shock absorbers, but what is most interesting in the new product is the four-wheel drive immediately in the base. None of the competitors shines with this characteristic.

What is more interesting — 2020 Renault Talisman does not suffer from any electrification. Not even a hybrid installation, not even a 48-volt generator, can be found even in the top.
Why so, the producer of comments does not give. But it is possible that this is one of the reasons for the decline in popularity among Europeans, where every second eco-activist today.

As for the motor range, one change was nevertheless found. Now in the line you can find a 1.3-liter gas turbo engine with a 160 hp return at 270 Hm.

In addition to him, as before, you can get:

1.8-liter turbo four 225 hp;
1.7-liter diesel engine, which, depending on the market, will have 120 or 150 hp;
2.0-liter turbodiesel, which will be similarly presented in options for 160 and 200 hp

Renault Talisman 2020

Regarding the transmission, it will be possible to choose among 6-speed manual and 7-band automatic (both with dual clutch).

The most significant change that the sedan, the wagon, can be called a new cruise control.
The list of its capabilities has been expanded by the ability to carry out movement within the same lane even on winding roads, to stop independently in front of a car in front, and also focusing on it to start and maintain a speed of up to 160 km / h.

Talisman also got hold of sensors for detecting pedestrians and cyclists, a monitoring system for blind spots, parking sensors, heating and massage of the front row of seats, side curtain airbags, virtual tidy, updated media and audio system.

Renault Talisman 2020...


Regarding the exterior, Renault remained true to itself and only placed some accents in the decorative part.
True, the solution is rather strange. Although the first year was successful (36 thousand cars were sold), the subsequent ones showed a multiple decrease in sales, so perhaps the time to be careful is not the most suitable.

But we have what we have. From the new: a revised decorative grille, a new pattern of alloy wheels, several new enamels, an updated pattern of head light (an option in the form of matrix optics has been added) and a slightly redesigned architecture of the front body kit.
In terms of dimensions, of course, everything is the same as before:
The station wagon distinguished itself only in length — 4865 mm.

Renault Talisman 2020...


The most notable innovation inside was the addition of a 10-inch virtual tidy. At the time of the release of the first generation, this function was not yet so popularized, so not adding it would be a clear mistake.

The media system, still oriented vertically, has grown half an inch (now 9.3), the cruise control button is now presented on the multi-steering wheel.

Regarding the central tunnel, here you can also notice the wireless charging pad and extended cup holders. And in the decoration now appears an expanded list of premium materials (for an extra charge of course) and several new color combinations (white-blue, brown). Otherwise, everything remained in place.


As in 2015 and subsequent years, Renault Talisman will have to try to discourage buyers from D-class mastodons such as VW Passat, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Kia Optima, Toyota Camry, etc.

Price and sales start date

Initially, they planned to show the Talisman at a presentation in Geneva, but since the car dealership was canceled, an additional review will take place at one of the special events, unless, of course, they break in the light of the epidemiological situation.

The novelty will go to dealerships in the summer of 2020. Presumably Renault slightly underestimates the price tag. If earlier the base was offered at 1.94 million, this year it is expected to start from 1.88 million rubles.

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