Renault Yi 2022.

Renault Yi 2022.

Renault Yi 2022.

Renault Yi 2022. Back in April 2021, Renault, together with China’s Jiangling, unveiled a concept of the new Yi electric sedan.

Now this model has gone on sale in the PRC market, and later it is expected to appear in Europe.

The French-Chinese novelty is offered in single- and twin-engine versions at a price of 139.8 thousand yuan (1.57 million rubles).

By default, the Renault Yi is equipped with an electric motor, which develops up to 150 hp of useful power and 225 N*m of traction torque.

For a surcharge on the rear axle there is another unit, which in combination with the front produces 231 hp and 395 N*m.

The most powerful version of Renault Yi accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds.

Depending on the selected modification total range of a novelty is 450 or 500 kilometers.

The length of the presented model reaches 4675 mm, and the distance between the wheel axles — 2750 mm.

Renault Yi 2022.

The width of the car is equal to 1835 mm, height — 1480 m. The electric sedan is offered with 2 displays combined with each other.

The French-Chinese novelty is equipped with seats with leatherette trim, two-zone climate control, a button to start the engine, multirule and other options.

Renault Yi 2022.

Built-in electronics support gesture control. The novelty has also received hidden door handles with electric drive and matrix headlights on the basis of LEDs. Besides, there is also a panoramic glazing.

Renault Yi is comparable to many other models of its class in terms of features and prices.

Renault Yi 2022.

In particular, Geometry A and Aion S have similar features. However, only the Renault Yi is available in a twin-engine design.

According to internal documentation, the new model is called Jingliang GSE, but for brevity it came up with a new brand name Yi.

However, this is only a variant for the domestic Chinese market, and the export version will have a different name and, most likely, the real emblem of Renault.

Renault Yi 2022.

Alas, the developers have not yet published any technical details. It is known only that the mileage on a single charge will be about 350-400 km.

The European debut will be tentatively in 2022. And about how important in the company consider the direction of the car sharing and rental, eloquently speaks the same plan Renaulution: by 2030, the branch Mobilize should account for more than 20% of the income of the Group Renault.

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