Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Roewe Marvel R 2021 is a new electric crossover with a range of 505 km.

The renowned Chinese auto company has finally unveiled its second electric crossover, which promises to amaze all environmental lovers. In fact, it is an improved version of the first Marvel X, which received updated software and advanced electronics.


At first glance, the Roewe Marvel R 2021 does not really stand out, but this is a deceptive visibility, since the filling of the electric car deserves attention.

A simplified version of the Marvel X crossover has quite formidable forms of a real SUV: the powerful nose of the car smoothly descends and amazingly merges with the long headlights.

Note the complete absence of a radiator grill, which this electric car does not need. On the front fenders there are air intakes made in vertical tail.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Along the entire length of the body, plastic fairings are located, which favorably emphasize the design of the SUV.

According to the designers, they did not strive to create a stylish car that will please the eye. The main challenge was to simplify the previous version and make it more technically advanced.

Salon and equipment

The interior of the Roewe Marvel R has remained practically unchanged, with the exception of the center console, which is made in the form of a large multimedia screen.

The system, advanced enough, has 5G connectivity, allowing all operating systems to be updated remotely.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

The electric car has a voice recognition function that allows you to ask the car any task. The interior has various finishes. There is perforated leather with fabric inserts.

The interior is spacious, the volume of the trunk can be changed by folding the rear row, which allows you to carry small loads. The door cards have aluminum inserts for a futuristic look.

In general, the interior is of high quality. There is no information about the equipment, but according to the company’s employees, there will be only three of them.


This unit will be equipped with only one electric motor, which produces 186 horsepower at its peak. This electric car uses rear-wheel drive, but full drive is also provided.

Acceleration to hundreds occurs in 7.9 seconds, which is not particularly impressive. It is noteworthy that the all-wheel drive version uses another electric motor with a force of 116 horses, as a result of the all-wheel drive version, the total power is 302 horsepower.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Interestingly, four-wheel drive can accelerate to a hundred in just 4.8 seconds. In the most expensive version, this electric car can accelerate to a hundred in just 0.9 seconds. The rear-wheel drive range is 505 kilometers.

Four-wheel drive allows you to drive up to 460 kilometers without recharging. However, the developers promise to soon increase the capacity of electric batteries, which will significantly increase the vehicle’s power reserve.

As for the chassis, the company did not particularly wrap itself up, the front end is made in an independent version, which includes a rack + springs system.

Rear part in lever design with stabilization elements. In terms of dynamics, the electric car behaves quite predictably and easily overcomes various kinds of obstacles. In an urban environment, he will feel brisk.

Length — 4678 mm
Width — 1919 mm
Height — 1618 mm
Wheelbase — 2800 mm

Seeing these dimensions, we can say with confidence that this electric car is in no way inferior to its eminent brothers. He’s ready for adventure.


This segment of the world car market has been rapidly developing lately, which leads to the emergence of new players in the electric car market.

It will be difficult for Roewe Marvel R to maintain its position, but this model has a future.

Roewe Marvel R 2021.

Among the most significant competitors of this version of the car are the following manufacturers: Audi e-tron, Opel Mokka, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Tesla Model Y.

It is clear that this electric car has just entered the market and it still has a long way to go towards universal recognition.

Release date and prices

In China, the Roewe Marvel R has already started selling, but with one significant problem that does not fully understand this car model, only rear-wheel drive electric cars are being sold here.

For this option, you will have to pay 2.5 million rubles or 34 thousand dollars.

By the summer of this year, they plan to open sales for all-wheel drive, for the car they will have to pay 2.96 million rubles or 40 thousand dollars.

There is no talk about sales in Russia, since the manufacturer is still aiming only at its domestic market. Compared to competitors, the prices are quite reasonable.

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