Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021: an elite sedan with a traditional design and perfect equipment.
The British automobile brand is widely advertising a new version of the legendary premium sedan — Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

According to the information received from the company specialists, the new model will retain the features of the classic corporate layout in combination with a number of the latest technical and design developments.

In particular, the restyling has identified itself as a more modern front end configuration, additional options for body decoration and salon interior.

The novelty will also receive slightly upgraded chassis characteristics.
In particular, the restyling has identified itself as a more modern front end configuration, additional options for body decoration and salon interior. The novelty will also receive slightly upgraded chassis characteristics.


In the new generation, each Roll-Royce Gost of 2021 model will receive design and equipment in accordance with the wishes of its future owner. Nevertheless, the main layout and design solutions will be the same for the entire model range.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

Despite the minimal amount of decorative chrome plating, the sedan looks stylish, prestigious and presentable in all respects
In the photo in the most favorable frontal view, the Rolls-Royce Gost 2021 confidently demonstrates:

• a monumental front end with a massive long hood;

• compact blocks of matrix or laser front optics;

• chrome-plated perimeter and vertical louvres of the rectangular radiator casing pushed forward.

In the lower segment of the front, attention is drawn to a set of slotted fog lamps, a platform for a license plate located in the center of the bumper, as well as a block arrangement of a ventilation air intake and side diffusers tightened with a fine-mesh mesh.

A golden corporate statuette located on the hood and several compact silver linings are offered as decor.

In the lateral projection, the modernized luxury sedan has retained the usual body proportions with an elongated front end, a smooth slope of the domed roof and a massive stern. In the design features of the sidewalls:

• expressive contrast of the silvery perimeter and glossy black pillars of three-piece windows;

• panoramic mirrors and elegant door handles recessed into the body;

• a little wave and stepped relief;

• perfect geometry of large wheel arches and exclusive petal design of two-tone 20-inch wheels.

The design of the stern includes a gentle slope and vertical trim of the trunk lid, a teardrop-shaped configuration of massive feet, rounded sidewalls of a wide bumper and chrome-plated exhaust tips built into the body kit.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.


The interior of the new Rolls-Royce is stylish, elegant and extremely comfortable. The aristocratic entourage is created by the design of the multifunctional steering wheel, the analog-digital design of the instrument panel and the mass of the center console protruding into the interior volume. Only high quality and exclusive materials are used in the decoration.

• The new items are equipped with two 10-inch media-command displays, a silver grille of ventilation deflectors and consoles with elements for activating and setting standard comfort-creating options.

• Part of the command functionality is assigned to the technical sector of the tunnel, equipped with numerous organizers.

• Carefully profiled and ergonomically flawless first row seating benefits from multiple working ranges, lateral support parts, heated and ventilated seats.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

The five-seat layout of the cabin volume can be considered conditional, since the boarding and travel comfort of the middle seat of the back sofa is reduced due to the height of the central tunnel.

Despite the high status of the sedan and the unique power characteristics of multimedia equipment, a significant part of on-board electronics is included in the list of paid options.

The new body offers a luggage compartment increased to 490 liters. The lack of a spare wheel is justified by equipping the sedan with run-flat safety tires with reinforced sidewalls.


The updated GOST will be offered in versions with a standard and extended wheelbase, respectively, there is a difference in overall parameters.

The length of the sedan is 5399-5569 mm, the width is 1948 and the height is 1550 mm, the center base is 3295-3465 mm. Air suspension standard ground clearance ranges from 125 to 175 mm.

The new incarnation of the Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is based on an adapted F01 rear or all-wheel drive platform. In its structural properties:

• independent lever-air suspension with adaptive long-travel shock absorbers;

• complex of stabilizers, safety systems and ventilated disc brakes.

Rolls-Royce Gost 2021.

The premium sedan is equipped with a tandem, which consists of a 6.6-liter gasoline engine with two-stage turbocharging, with an output of 570 hp / 780 Nm of peak thrust and an 8-band ZF automated transmission.

The test drive confirmed the dynamics of dialing the first hundred in the range of 4.8-5 seconds, the electronically limited upper limit of the maximum speed of 250 km / h and the consumption of fuel and lubricants from 14 to 14.5 liters for each hundred square meters of mileage in the combined mode.

Options and prices

It is reliably known that the initial price of the base model is declared in the amount of 36 million rubles.

The cost of subsequent modifications will be formed depending on the number and working functionality of additional options.

Sales start in Russia

British Rolls-Royces are piece goods and are supplied to the domestic market in single copies.

An exception may be the new Rolls-Royce Gost 2021 model year, the release date of which in Russia is under discussion.

Competing models

The new model of an elite sedan is perhaps the only one in its price range that does not have many real rivals.

The list includes Aurus Senat S600, Porsche Taycan, Cadillac XTS and Jaguar XJ.

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