SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

The competitor of Mitsubishi L200 — luxury pickup truck SAIC MAXUS T90 received a more economical version. The first photos and characteristics.

Fuel-efficient version of the pickup SAIC MAXUS T90, which is considered a competitor to the Mitsubishi L200, was introduced in the spring of 2021.

It is the most expensive and prestigious pickup in the Maxus range, owned by concern SAIC from China.

The difference of this car from its fellows in the lineup is the design, made in the style of passenger models.

Recently it became known that the company has released a fully electric version of the pickup SAIC MAXUS T90 EV 2022, which was put up for sale at a price of 4.52 million rubles in Russian currency.

Presented in the photo pickup is made in white color, which dilutes the dark blue shade in the decoration.

The sides of the vehicle are partially painted in blue shade, reflecting the use of alternative energy sources in SAIC MAXUS T90 EV.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

A blue stripe also runs along the sides of the grille, skirting the hood and the lower part of the frame of the glazing.

On the front doors is an EV badge in large letters.

Accents in blue are also present on the wheels.

The body dimensions remain the same: 5.36/1.9/1.8 meters. Wheelbase is 3.15 meters. The dimensions of the cargo area are 1.48/1.51/0.53 meters.

The cabin received 5-seat layout. Configuration of the new model also changed.

The default equipment includes keyless entry, one-button engine start, ESP function, and electrical adjustments of the driver’s seat in 6 directions.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

A permanent magnet synchronous motor located on the rear axle is responsible for the performance in the electric pickup.

Maximum power is 176 hp with a towing torque of 310 Nm. Cruising range on electric power is 535 km. The drive is rear.

From the «younger» models T60 and T70 this new truck differs by design in the style of passenger models of the brand.

In front the new Maxus T90 2022 has narrow LED headlights and a huge «mouth» of the grille.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

Plus, the pickup has an original stern design, as well as richer chrome décor and numerous black plastic «all-around» overlays.

The flagship model is offered only with a full four-seat cabin.

Compared to the «younger» models, the cabin has a completely new front panel, where the screens of virtual dashboard and multimedia system are combined into a single unit.

Plus, the car received a non-fixed joystick to control the automatic transmission and electromechanical handbrake key.

The car in a top configuration can additionally boast a sunroof, all-around cameras, leather interior and electric front seats.

SAIC Maxus T90 EV 2022.

Maxus T90 2022 is built on the same frame chassis as the previously presented T60 and T70 pickups.

The truck uses double wishbone spring suspension in the front and continuous axle on leaf springs in the rear.

Ground clearance is 220 mm. All three pickups have the same body frame, but the flagship has two lengths — 5.4 and 5.7 meters.

The difference between the two is not only in a wheelbase, but also in the size of the cargo platform, which can be 1.5 or 1.8 meters long, respectively.

The top-end T90 has a 2.0-liter biturbodiesel engine rated at 218 hp. (500 Nm), which comes in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

Pickup has all-wheel drive transmission with switchable front axle. There are three operating modes: 2H, 4H and Auto, plus demultiplier.

Sales of the new model Maxus T90 on the domestic Chinese market have started at the end of spring of the twenty-first year.

Price list has not yet been made public, but it will definitely be higher than the most expensive T70, that is more than $ 30,000 (about 2.2 million rubles at current exchange rate).

Over time, the supply of such a pickup will be set up in other countries.

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