SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

Seat Arona 2021-2022 is a front-wheel drive SUV of a subcompact category and the first car of a «similar format» in the history of a Spanish mechanical engineer, which is named in a city located on the island of Tenerife (part of the Canary Islands archipelago).

The target audience of the five-door is young people living in the city who appreciate design and driving characteristics.

The mini-crossover was the main premiere of Seat at the International Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened its doors to visitors in September 2017, but was first shown to the public at the end of June (as part of an online presentation).

The car, aimed at the European market, received a stylish design, a spacious body, economical power units and refined handling.

The exterior of the Seat Arona is tailored in the “family” style of the Spanish brand — it is literally truncated by sharp edges and edges, which makes the crossover not only fresh and attractive, but also dynamic and moderately aggressive.

The front of the five-door flaunts the predatory gaze of optics, a hexagonal radiator grille with a fine-mesh pattern and a raised bumper with a large «mouth» of the air intake, and its lean rear attracts attention with a sculpted trunk lid, graceful lights and a powerful bumper.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

And in profile, the «off-road vehicle» looks beautiful and energetic — expressive «folds» on the sidewalls, large cutouts in the wheel arches, a falling roofline and a «window sill» flying up to the rear.

Well, a certain solidity is added to the car by «armor» made of unpainted plastic along the lower perimeter of the body.

By the way, this SUV was originally presented in two versions: «Xcellence» and, more sporty, «FR» (the external differences of which are: a different form of false radiator grille, the presence of two «nozzles» of the exhaust system and additional nameplates in front and rear).

The Seat Arona is 4138 mm long, 1780 mm wide and does not exceed 1543 mm in height.

The distance between the front and rear axles is 2564 mm for the SUV, and its ground clearance is quite modest 155 mm.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

When equipped, the five-door weighs from 1615 to 1700 kg, depending on the modification.

The interior of «Arona» looks attractive and modern, but a little boring.

A bit of sportiness in it is extolled by the embossed multi-steering wheel, a laconic instrument cluster with downward-oriented «sleeping» arrows and a «window» of the on-board computer (as an option, the «toolbox» is completely virtual) and a center console slightly deployed towards the driver, which flaunts 8- an inch monitor of the multimedia center and an exemplary «control panel» of the air conditioning system.

In the “FR” version, the interior is additionally stylized: red stitching, “lacquered” inserts, a “sporty” steering wheel truncated at the bottom and, of course, the “FR” nameplates.

Inside the five-door, exceptionally worthy finishing materials are used, and in the «top» versions, the front panel (partially) and the seats are dressed in leather.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

At the front of the Seat Arona, there are ergonomic seats with a well-developed profile, optimal padding in terms of density and sufficient adjustment intervals.

A comfortable sofa is based on the second row, but with free space «trouble» — here it is cramped both in the legs, and above the head, and in width (especially for three passengers).

In the standard state, the trunk volume of the crossover is 400 liters — quite a decent figure in the subcompact class.

The rear sofa folds in two unequal parts into a flat platform, significantly increasing the capacity of the «hold», and the underground niche contains a minimum set of tools and a «dock».

For Seat Arona, there are three engines to choose from, which meet the Euro-6 standards:

The first option is a 1.0-liter EcoTSI three-cylinder gasoline unit with direct injection, turbocharging, variable valve timing and 12-valve timing, available in two levels of “pumping” «:

95 horsepower at 5000-5500 rpm and 175 Nm of rotational recoil at 1500-3500 rpm; 115 h.p. at 5000-5500 rpm and 200 Nm peak potential at 2000-3500 rpm.

SEAT Arona 2021-2022.

The second, exclusively for «Arona FR» — a petrol four-cylinder 1.5 TSI Evo engine, equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, direct injection and a timing belt with 16 valves, the «armament» of which reaches 150 hp. at 5000-6000 rpm and 250 Nm at 1300-3500 rpm.

The third is a 1.6-liter diesel «four» TDI with a turbocharger, common rail direct «feed» technology and 16 valves, which generates 95-115 horsepower at 3250-4000 rpm and 230-250 Nm of possible thrust at 1500-3200 rpm.

The engines are stacked with 5/6-speed manual gearboxes or 7-band DSG robots, which direct all power to the front wheels (all-wheel drive is not offered for the crossover, even at an additional cost).

The Seat Arona is based on the front-wheel drive «bogie» MQB-A0, which implies a transverse arrangement of the power plant.

On the front axle of the SUV, an independent suspension of the MacPherson type is used, and on the rear there is a semi-independent torsion beam (in both cases, with telescopic shock absorbers and steel springs).

The car is equipped with a rack and pinion steering system, into which an electromechanical control amplifier is «implanted».

Disc brakes are installed on each of the five-door wheels: ventilated at the front, with a diameter of 276 mm, at the rear — 230 mm, without ventilation.

On the Russian market, the appearance of the Seat Arona in the foreseeable future should not be expected, but in Europe (for example, in Germany) it is offered at a price of 15,990 euros (~ 1.1 million rubles).

In the initial configuration, the crossover boasts: front airbags, 16-inch steel wheels, electrically adjustable outside mirrors, power windows, a light sensor, ABS, ASR, ESC, HBA, a lift start assist system and other equipment.

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