Seat Leon 2021.

Seat Leon 2021.

Seat Leon 2021.

Seat Leon 2021: budget hatchback in front- and all-wheel drive trim levels.
Unclaimed in Russia, cars of the Spanish brand «Seat Leon» are in stable demand on the European market.

This year, the company offers a new version of the front- or all-wheel drive hatchback — Seat Leon 2021. The Golf hatchback, which has received the planned restyling, effectively demonstrates:

complemented by expressive elements of sports aggression, a bright and memorable body design;

stylish and expressive interior;

the undeniable advantages of the new platform and a wide range of dynamic and economical powertrains.


Most of the elements of aggressive styling are placed on the front side of the body.

In the spotlight: diagonal aerodynamic profiles and raised sidewalls of the bonnet, decorative chrome-plating of the perimeter and textured mesh of the radiator lining, the original configuration of the running lights of xenon or LED top headlights.

The layout of the front end includes a block arrangement of the ventilation air intake and ventilation diffusers of the front disc brakes, framed by a ribbed border.

Seat Leon 2021.

The complete set includes a pair of horizontal sidelights, a narrow metal body kit and decorative and functional details of the body relief.

The hatchback’s entourage in frontal projection is successfully complemented by the chrome plating of the brand logo.

The new five-door body looks swiftly and dynamically in a less favorable profile perspective. In the presence of recognizable features of a typical Volkswagen layout, complemented by original design solutions of branded specialists.

In the structural and layout features of the Seat Leon 2021 model, attention is drawn to the streamlined aerodynamic contour of the body, the arched structure of the glass rising to the powerful rear pillars, the original triangular mirrors and the compactness of the door locks semi-recessed into the body.

The relief decoration is represented by ribbed longitudinal profiles and protruding stepped contours of high wheel arches.

The brand identity of the new model line is present in the multi-spoke design of the 18-inch wheels.

Seat Leon 2021.

The traditional crossover design dominates the aft hull design. These are, first of all:

semi-oval configuration of a tilted window shaded with a spoiler;

a compact door of a spacious trunk decorated with corporate symbols, transverse profiles and an LED lintel for stop lights;

ribbed profile complemented by fog lights and a figured plastic body kit of a narrow bumper.

In the photo in the rear projection, the new generation hatchback is still identified by the original interpretation and graphics of the small-format rear lights.


The budgetary status of the model indicated itself with a fabric or kozhimite design of the salon interior, a significant difference in the potential of technical equipment and component electronics, in particular, the formats of media-command displays.

The upper section of the sports steering wheel, free from structural parts, offers an excellent view of the analogue-digital or virtual top-end instrument cluster.

The console’s top media command display activates most of the component options using the touch-sensitive touchpad.

Seat Leon 2021.

A small part of the command buttons is located on the upper plane of the multifunction steering wheel.

The mechanical elements for setting up the multimedia equipment and the climate control system are located on the lower tier of the dashboard.

A block of ports for connecting external digital gadgets is installed at the junction of the console and the tunnel.

The complete set includes a transmission shift lever, a basic set of organizers and a spacious volume for small-sized luggage located under the armrest.

The layout of the cabin provides the driver and four adult riders with plenty of personal space for comfort, especially on long journeys.

The front crossover seats, with elements of full lateral support and extended adjustment potential, are equipped with a heating circuit.

The service of the rear sofa is more modest, in the presence of an adjustable backrest angle, an armrest and the possibility of transformation to more than a threefold increase in the standard 380-liter trunk volume.

The small «dock» and the on-board tool are compactly packed into the floor recess.


In the fourth upgrade, Seat Leon 2021 differs from its predecessor last year by increased external body dimensions to 4368 x 1800 and 1456 mm, improved installation and operational properties of the universal «bogie» of the modular type MQB Evo and the chassis with a center base of 2686 mm.

Seat Leon 2021.

The advantages of the front- and all-wheel drive chassis are a multi-link rack-mountable suspension that is comfortable for its class, efficient operation of stabilizers for electronic assistants and security systems.

Driving comfort is enhanced by the active electromechanical power steering system.

In the technical documentation, the new Seat Leon 2021 model year is announced with a large number of diesel, gasoline and hybrid power units, with a volume of 1 and 2 liters, with a power output from 90 to 204 hp.

The traction and power characteristics of the basic and more dynamic top-end engines are realized by a 6-speed manual or 7-band robotic transmission with an automatic rear axle connection.

The test drive confirmed the conformity of the factory specifications and the results of the control checks.

Options and prices

In ruble terms, the price of the base and top modifications will be formed in the range of 680-900 thousand.


The new model of the Spanish hatchback Seat Leon of 2021, which is in demand in the European market, is identical in its main parameters to the analogues of the Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Kia Sid and other brands, a total of more than five dozen.

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