Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

Skoda has officially unveiled Fabia Monte Carlo 2022: sporty design and 150 hp engine.

Last week in the media was published several teaser images of the new Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

And now the car has been officially presented. The vehicle will boast sporty appearance, new 18-inch wheels, stylish décor and a more powerful engine.

Sales of the model on the European market will start in the next few months, but dates have not yet been announced.

As expected, Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo version has received several cosmetic changes, which consist in the application of a large number of black decorative elements in the exterior.

In particular, these accents are observed in the radiator grille, exterior mirror housings and side skirts. By the way, the roof is also painted in black.

On the luggage compartment door you can see the inscription «SKODA» in big letters. Wheels will be available in three variants — 16, 17 and 18 inches.

If we talk about the interior, there is a pronounced sporty style.

In particular, in this format go the seats, which provides maximum comfort during travels over long distances.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

The interior trim is made in some dissonance with the exterior — black color prevails, and the decor is presented in the red range. However, such a combination of tones looks very effective.

Otherwise, there are no special differences with the actual versions — there is a dashboard, multimedia, five USB ports, audio system, adaptive cruise control, etc.

Reportedly, Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo will be offered with several variants of power plants.

Thus, the car will be available with 1.0-liter motor for 80, 95 and 110 horsepower.

In the first case we are talking about a supercharged variant, and the last two are supplemented with a turbocharger system.

The most powerful in the lineup will be 1.5-liter engine with capacity in the range of 150 hp.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

Transmission is declared in the form of 5- and 6-speed manual gearbox, seven-speed automatic transmission with two clutches and DSG.

The new Skoda Fabia has acquired a «sporty» Monte Carlo version.

Sales of the flagship Fabia will start in Europe in spring 2022.

Skoda has presented the most expensive version of the Fabia hatchback of the fourth generation — Monte Carlo, named after the victories of the brand at the rally of the same name.

The version that completes the formation of the lineup of the new Fabia, the car distinguished by a more «athletic» exterior and interior, which appeared decorative inserts stylized as carbon fiber.

And as to «technique» it is similar to usual Fabia — the same motors are accessible to it, except for base 65-horsepower.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

Fabia Monte Carlo distinguishes traditional for the version red color, «skirts» on sides, a decorative diffuser behind, and also wheel disks with special design dimension from 16 to 18 inches and badges with the name of the version on the wings.

Like a standard hatchback, this Fabia has a black roof, which is echoed here completely black exterior mirror caps, lettering on the stern and grille.

By the way, in its lower part there are active flaps, which, together with other modifications allowed to reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient to 0.28.

Interior of the sports version is in black with red accents, and its main features — chairs-buckets with a developed lateral support, «cut» multisteel from below and inlay «carbon fiber» on the front panel, and also overlays on the pedals of stainless steel.

For the first time, Fabia Monte Carlo is available with a digital «dashboard» with a 10,25-inch screen, which you can order for an extra charge.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2022.

The list of available equipment includes a multimedia system with a display diagonal from 6.5 to 9.2 inches, a top audio system Amundsen and five USB-C inputs.

The hatchback also gets adaptive cruise control, which works at speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour, a parking assistant and up to nine airbags. Another paid option — lowered suspension by 15 millimeters.

All the standard engines except for base are available for Fabia Monte Carlo. Thus, hatchback can be ordered with 1.0 MPI producing 80 horsepower, a liter supercharged «three» TSI in two variants of forcing — 95 or 110, and also «turbo four» 1.5 with function of switching off of half of cylinders, giving 150 powers.

The engines are combined with five- and six-speed «manual» or with a seven-band «robot» DSG.

In Europe sales of Fabia Monte Carlo of the fourth generation will begin in spring of 2022. In Russia, the hatchback will not appear: it left our market in 2015, giving way to another budget car — Rapid.

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