Skoda Kodiak 2021.

Skoda Kodiak 2021..

Skoda Kodiak 2021.

Skoda Kodiak 2021 in a new body.
For more than 3 years, Skoda Kodiaq has been pleasing Russian motorists. For the first time the car was presented at an exhibition in Berlin in 2016.

Now we are waiting for the restyling of the Skoda Kodiak 2021 in a new body, photos, the price is not yet known exactly. According to the information, the exterior will be updated, the interior will remain practically untouched. What will change and when can we expect an updated car on the Russian market?


The main changes in the appearance will affect the optics, bumper geometry and wheel rims. The new Skoda Kodiak 2021 will also receive a new stylish SKODA lettering. She will decorate the trunk. This innovation will be applied to all vehicles of the brand to match the brand’s uniform style.

Skoda Kodiak 2021 restyling will definitely receive:

• Improvement of LED headlights;
• Advanced choice of auto color;
• Wheels will get a new design.

Skoda Kodiak 2021.

Machine dimensions will not change. It will remain as powerful, impressive, but as agile as possible.


The main changes in the interior can be felt only in expensive cars:

• enlarged display of the multimedia system;
• availability of the engine start button;
• leather upholstery of seats.

The salon will not receive any improvements in the cheap configuration. Simplicity and straightforward forms are a distinctive feature of the interior design of the Skoda Kodiak, according to unofficial photos of the salon.


A lot of questions arise about the available engine options for the Skoda Kodiak 2021, the latest news says that thanks to the integration with VW, the engine volumes will be as follows:

• 1.4 l petrol TSI;
• 2.0 l TSI;
• 2.0 L TDI.

However, many expect exactly the hybrid Skoda Kodiak 2021 in a new body, photos, its price is not yet available, and the technical characteristics are already known. Its main engine is a 1.4L gasoline engine.

In addition, an electric motor. Its full charge will be enough for a run of 50 km in autonomous mode. Together, the car’s engine power will be estimated at 218 hp.

The main advantage of the hybrid is its economical fuel consumption. Today this is an important advantage among all other similar cars.
All other technical features of the car (ground clearance, wheelbase, suspension system, etc.) will not change

Skoda Kodiak 2021.


A number of unique security systems will be implemented in the high-end model Skoda Kodiaq 2021, the latest news assures that it will be:

• Driver Alert — a system that allows you to assess the behavior of the driver and recognize his level of fatigue.
• Lane Assist — will inform you about an unintentional lane change.
• High beam assistant. Will automatically turn it on and off.
• Traffic jam system. Makes movement more comfortable under the circumstances.
• Control of blind spots. Helps the driver by warning him of vehicles or other objects that are in his ignorance.

The rest of the safety of the restyled model will remain the same. Airbags, control of smooth starting from a place, control of pressure in tires, flashing brake lights.

We will understand about all the innovations when the Skoda Kodiak 2021 test drive is available, the video review will help to trace the more subtle moments of the restyling.

Skoda Kodiak 2021..

Options and prices

You can buy Skoda Kodiaq 2021 in 3 trim levels:

• Active. The simplest configuration, which has undergone only minor external changes. The cost of such a car will vary from 1,600,000 to 1,950,000 rubles, depending on the type of engine.

• Ambition. More advanced equipment in terms of additions to the interior, as well as control systems and road safety. The price of the Skoda Kodiaq 2021 of this configuration will range from 1,900,000 to 2,200,000 rubles.

• Style. The perfect SUV package for those who can afford it. Video review of models of earlier years confirms this. All the best and most innovative SKODA brand is embodied in Style. The price for such cars will be within 2,500,000 rubles.

• Scout. The limited version will cost up to 2,800,000 rubles.

• SportLine. Sports models will cost up to 3,000,000 rubles.

Skoda Kodiak 2021..

New body

Skoda Kodiaq in 2021 will acquire a more expressive body. The massive radiator grille is another innovation. The LED optics will be made of Czech glass.
The exact image of the new car is not yet available. The photographs mask the areas that will be changed. Therefore, we are waiting for the official presentation of the restyling and, of course, a detailed test drive.

Start of sales in Russia and competitors

The beginning of sales of the Skoda Kodiak 2021 in Russia — the end of 2020. Already in October-November it will be possible to issue a preliminary application for the purchase of this car.

The start of sales of the Skoda Kodiak 2021 hybrid version will begin later. After all, this is the most anticipated car in Europe. Therefore, the demand in the homeland may simply exceed the supply. Therefore, the Russians will have to wait a bit.

Skoda Kodiak 2021 — new model, photo, price when released in Russia — this exact information will be known a little later.

But now you can be sure that it will be in great demand for several reasons:

• Positive feedback from owners of models of previous years;

• Country of assembly — Czech Republic;

• Excellent technical characteristics;

• Excellent safety performance, which allows you to claim the «title» of a family car;
• Reasonable cost combined with European quality.

It remains only to wait for the updated Skoda Kodiak 2021. Options and prices, technical characteristics then you can really appreciate it!

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