Skoda Rapid 2020.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

Skoda Rapid 2020. The latest news about the new Skoda Rapid 2020 bodywork should fuel a great interest in the development of the Czech automobile company, owned by the German concern Volkswagen.

Moreover, now you can see what the restyled version will be, because its photos appeared on the network thanks to the Chinese certification body, which gave the go-ahead for the production and sale of these machines in their country.

The first details of the new body

The most current version of Skoda Rapid to date dates back to 2017, and for several years of successful sales of liftbacks, hatchbacks and sedans (only available in China), the model has become a bestseller in many markets.

Indeed, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire will be the first to see and test the new product in business, and after them — car enthusiasts of India, where the new Skoda Rapid 2020 will come, but, perhaps, in a slightly modified form and with a different set of modifications adapted to local demand.

And only in the fall of 2020 the car will be in Europe, but here cardinal changes are possible, which will concern both the list of equipment and the proposed motor range.
In the Chinese market, the Skoda Rapid 2020 appears as a classic four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback (in the back of a liftback model is not for sale here).

As part of the restyling, the new body acquired the features of another popular representative of the line — the compact hatchback Skoda Skala, which became the first Volkswagen AG concern car built on the modular Skoda Skala MQB A0 platform.

By the way, the “European” Skoda Rapid 2020 of the second generation will also move to this “cart”, which contributes to a small increase in the size of the new body:

+16 mm. in length (up to 4499 mm.);
+20 mm. in width (1726 mm.);
+1 mm. in height (1475 mm.)

As for the Skoda Rapid 2020 model year, produced for China, neither the hatchback nor the sedan have changed their dimensions.

Skoda Rapid 2020.


From the Skala model to the new Rapid, the design of the front end and the bumper passed, in general, giving the body shape more collectedness and accuracy, an explicit reference is made to the current models of VW Polo sedans.

The false radiator grille completely repeats the contours of the same element mounted on the Scala, while the front bumper received more pronounced horizontal lines in the filling pattern of the large central air intake.

At the rear, the new Skoda Rapid 2020 model year has changed more: used larger lights, and in the upper part of the fifth door there was an analogue of a spoiler with an integrated brake light.
Another attribute that will help distinguish restyled Chinese Rapid is the increased letters SKODA at the stern.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

Technical stuffing

It is known that while in China, the Skoda Rapid 2020 model year will be produced with an atmospheric 1.5-liter MPI engine with a capacity of 110 liters. with., supplemented by a five-speed manual or six-band «automatic».

Among other possible options — a 1.6-liter (90 hp) or 1.4-liter (125 hp) turbocharged engine, but more accurate information on the engines will be possible to find out next year, when the first cars arrive for sale.
It is worth noting that the terms for updating Rapid in China are indicated by 2020, that is, adjustments in the configuration can be made during all 12 months.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

When will the Skoda Rapid come out in Russia?

Russian car enthusiasts are offered a Skoda Rapid in the back of a liftback, and these cars are assembled at the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga.
Already this fact allows us to count on a possible and speedy acquaintance with the restyled version, in addition, it will be appropriate here to recall the decision of the Czech manufacturer not to supply the current generation of the Skoda Scala hatchback to our market, which means that Russia is betting on the new Skoda Rapid 2020.

To date, Skoda Rapid liftbacks worth 660 thousand rubles and above are offered in the Russian Federation. These versions are equipped with TSI gasoline units:
1.6 liters., 90 liters. from.;
1.6 liters., 110 liters. from.;
1.4 liters., 125 liters. from.

The first two motors can be aggregated with MPP or an automatic “box”, and a seven-speed DSG transmission has been prepared for the 1.4-liter power plant.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

The new Skoda Rapid 2020 in Russia may appear at the end of 2020 at the beginning of 2021, and it will not be just the restyled model that the Chinese offered, but a full-fledged version of the second generation, built on the new MQB A0 platform.

By the way, right now, the next generation Volkswagen Polo and a completely new crossover are being designed on it, which Volkswagen AG has already dubbed the “revolutionary breakthrough” in the budget SUV market.

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