Skoda Superb 2020.

Skoda Superb 2020

Skoda Superb 2020.

Czech craftsmen from Skoda are among those who are ready to offer a decent car with a solid list of options for a relatively modest fee. The flagship Superb model is also multi-tasking, as it can be both a liftback and a station wagon.

The updated Skoda SuperB 2020 received an excellent design, a decent interior and striking characteristics. In addition, the latest restyling has significantly improved all the parameters of the car.

In particular, the car is now definitely not lost in the stream, although before its appearance could not be called modest. And the abundance of various options will allow the driver and passengers to feel great on any trip.


It is for its appearance that the new model will be loved by customers, because it is not only stylish, but also indicates the status of its owner. In addition, Czech craftsmen are able to create an attractive look that can appeal to both young and experienced car enthusiasts with just a few strokes.

Skoda Superb 2020.

Judging by the photo, and in the updated SuperB will appear: a new relief, slightly modified optics, air intake systems and other, smaller elements that make the car unique.

The front of the car has undergone the most changes. In particular, the muzzle began to look very aggressive due to the fact that it is tilted more and stands slightly higher. One of the most noticeable elements here is the bonnet, which has many smooth and stepped transitions throughout its area.

The largest of them has moved to the center and runs through the entire length. It is crowned with a Skoda nameplate, immediately under which there was a place for an air intake trapezoid, made in the traditional Czech style. It is downright eye-catching thanks to its vertical, highly visible lines and chrome trim.

Skoda Superb 2020

The front optics have also grown slightly on the Skoda SuperB 2020. Despite the fact that its width has decreased slightly, the total area has become larger due to the increase in length and complication of geometry. The configuration of the car, as before, directly affects the filling of the headlights: either xenon or LED lights.

Almost at the very bottom, through the entire body kit, there is a strip of an additional air intake element. Moreover, in the center it looks like a slot for access of air flows under the hood, and along the edges you can find bright, stylish fog lights. A modest but interesting relief complements the look.

The profile of the new body is quite consistent with the class of the car: there are few decorations, but those that are there look expensive and solid. The upper part is filled with large windows of an unusual shape.

Their edging will always be chrome. The exterior mirrors have slightly changed: they are rounded and in any configuration have turn signal repeaters. The relief is presented here in the form of two long stripes, visually making the body even larger. But the door handles are almost invisible, as are the chrome plates around the mirrors. But the wheel arches are quite striking.

The feed of the car looks very menacing. Like most modern liftbacks, the boot is short, but it has a nice aerodynamic lip on the trailing edge of the lid. Below you can see large triangles of parking lights, visually connected by a chrome strip, uncomplicated relief and all the same nameplates.

The body kit looks modest against the background of all this and carries only fog lights, a small plastic insert and two large cutouts for the completion of the exhaust system.

Skoda Superb 2020


Inside, the new Skoda SuperB 2020 model year is almost a cut ahead of its classmates. In particular, among the finishing materials, there is excellent quality leather, pleasant, soft plastic, durable fabrics and even inserts made of metal and wood. And the entertainment system will appeal to everyone, even the most demanding car enthusiast.

Front end decoration

The torpedo has practically not changed in appearance, but the number of options has grown significantly. In the middle of the center console there is a large touchscreen display, which is adjoined from all sides by various elements: air ducts on top, buttons for working with additional functions on the edges, and the climate control unit just below.

Then all this turns into a solid tunnel, where you can find both a large number of technical elements, led by a graceful gearshift knob, as well as an organizer, cup holders and even pretty air ducts.

The steering wheel of the new Skoda can hardly be called original, but it is very convenient and practical due to the rim of medium thickness and the abundance of buttons located on the spokes. And the dashboard, although made in a classic style, is very beautiful and informative.

Skoda Superb 2020

Registration of seats

The seats are also very good in the Skoda Super B 2020: they are upholstered with real leather and contain soft filler. Riders’ safety is guaranteed by solid lateral support, as well as comfortable head restraints that every seat can boast.

In addition, the front seats will receive an electric drive, heating and ventilation. The second row is designed as a luxury sofa, which is also heated and has an armrest with cup holders.

It is important that there will also be a separate climate system.


For the Skoda SuperB 2020, several power plants are traditionally prepared, and only two of them are diesel: a 1.6-liter will be able to show 120 «horses», and with a volume of two liters — 150 or 190 forces. They are paired with an automatic or manual transmission, which has six speeds.

A larger engine can work with an all-wheel drive system, while only the front one is prepared for the younger one.
There will be three gasoline engines.

The initial one, with a volume of 1.4 liters, will develop 125 or 150 forces, its 1.8-liter counterpart will show 180 «horses», and the most powerful, two-liter, can be «boosted» to 220 or even 280 forces.

The gearboxes here will be the same as for diesel engines, however, only owners of cars with the largest engine capacity will be able to get the all-wheel drive version.

As a test drive proved, the car is not only able to accelerate quickly and feel confident in the city or on the highway, but also make life much easier for its owner due to its low fuel consumption.

Skoda Superb 2020

Options and prices

The cost of the most modest version of the Skoda Superb 2020 will be about 1.56 million rubles. The price of the most expensive configuration will be more than twice as high.

Competing models

The Skoda flagship has quite a few competitors, but the closest of them are Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry, Audi A4, BMW Series 3 and Mercedes class C.

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