Skoda SuperB 2021.

Skoda SuperB 2021.

Skoda SuperB 2021.

This year, the Czech company Skoda completed a phased entry into the Russian market of a restyled version of the 2021 Skoda Superb model, adding the most powerful cars to the line of modifications.

Now buyers are offered four options for power plants with a capacity of 150 to 280 liters. s, and taking into account the five available equipment packages at once, the total number of complete sets excluding cars with the new Combi body has reached 17.

Restyling review

The main result of the restyling is the expansion of the sedan’s trim levels. The new Skoda SuperB 2021 model already in the initial configuration received a push-button engine start and diode optics, and the turn signals in it work in a creeping line format.

An additional option is matrix lighting technology, which automatically adjusts the direction of the light beams.

The next item is the brake booster, which has become electromechanical, and for off-road enthusiasts, the Czechs have developed a modification of the Scout with increased ground clearance, engine crankcase protection and all-wheel drive.

Skoda SuperB 2021.


Externally, the Skoda SuperB 2021 sedan has changed slightly: new bumpers, a slightly wider radiator grille and a chrome decor strip at the stern.

There is also a large SKODA inscription, which, however, is now a corporate «mark» that appears on all models of the Czech brand.

In addition, the «off-road» version of the Scout will receive an extended plastic body kit, and expensive modifications — a slightly modified front bumper.


There are also few changes inside, but they are significant. First of all, the central monitor «multimedia» can now have a diameter of 8.0 or 9.2 inches. The digital dashboard is available, though not in the initial configuration.

Skoda SuperB 2021.

A much more serious breakthrough is the expansion of the functionality of security systems. For example, an adaptive cruise installed on a car can use the information received from the navigator and the camera, which allows it to set the optimal speed under the current conditions.

Technical stuffing

The current version of the engine range for the Skoda SuperB 2021 model year is as follows:

• 1.4-liter petrol TSI with a capacity of 150 liters. from. + DSG-7 transmission and front-wheel drive;

• 2.0-liter petrol TSI with a capacity of 190 hp. from. + DSG-7 transmission and front-wheel drive;

Skoda SuperB 2021.

• 2.0-liter gasoline TSI with a capacity of 220 liters. from. + DSG-6 transmission and front-wheel drive;

• 2.0-liter petrol TSI with a capacity of 280 liters. from. + DSG-6 transmission and four-wheel drive.

The most powerful Superb can accelerate to 100 km / h in 6 seconds and reach speeds of 250 km / h (forcedly limited).

With a 280-horsepower engine, you can order not only a sedan / liftback, but also a Combi version, and there are also a lot of possibilities in terms of equipment: all packages are available except the initial (Active).

As for the all-wheel drive system, it is realized through the Haldex multi-plate clutch, which works on the XDS + technology, that is, it has the function of simulating a differential lock.

Skoda SuperB 2021.

Modifications and options in Russia

There will be five levels of equipment for the Skoda SuperB in 2021:

• Active;
• Ambition;
• Style;
• Laurin & Klement;
• SportLine.

The basic level is a car with 6 airbags, LED headlights, air conditioning, «cruise», heated front seats and 16-inch steel «stampings».

The next level adds climate control, parking sensors, chrome decor, rain and light sensors, alloy wheels, etc.

The most expensive Superb configuration uses even more stylish contrasting trim, pseudo-sports chairs and 18-inch wheels.

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