Smart #1 2023.

Smart #1 2023.

Smart #1 2023.

The new smart #1 has been unveiled: it has nothing in common with previous models.

The company smart Automobile Co, part of the joint venture between Daimler and Chinese holding Geely, has unveiled the firstborn of the new smart range.

It is a full-fledged electric crossover under unpretentious name «smart #1».

Revealed parkette has modern youth looks, for creation of which specialists from Daimler under the direction of Kai Sieber were responsible.

Gordon Wagener, chief designer of Mercedes-Benz, supervised the project.

Outwardly the new smart #1 in many respects repeats the appearance of last year’s concept. It has similar lighting equipment and the same proportions of the body, although it did not do without simplifications.

In particular, the production model has a larger housing of side mirrors and reduced ground clearance.

The aerodynamic drag coefficient of the car is 0.29, which is very good.

Smart #1 2023.

The car has frameless doors, and on its center columns you can see a logo with a three-beam star, indicating kinship with Mercedes.

The subcompact parkette can be fitted with wheels up to 19 inches in diameter.

Of its other features, the Matrix headlights (optional) and retractable door handles, which remain functional even in winter (capable of breaking through ice crusts) are worth noting.

The model has a full five-seat saloon, in which the rear sofa is divided in the proportion of 60:40, and these parts have longitudinal adjustment (they can be shifted in the range of 130 mm).

The car is provided with several interior design options, different from each other by the type of finishing materials.

Smart #1 2023.

Crossover smart #1 is equipped with a 9.2-inch digital dashboard and 10.0-inch projection display.

Under the multimedia needs given a larger 12.8-inch central tablet, which controls a number of secondary functions of the car.

The complex boasts the presence of learning voice control and update function «over the air».

The transmission is controlled from the right paddle lever (like on Mercedes).

Other interior equipment includes a Beats audio system with 13 speakers, contour lighting (64 colors), a glass roof (no sunroof) and seven airbags.

The new smart #1 body is built on the basis of the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) modular platform, created directly by specialists from Geely.

Smart #1 2023.

In terms of dimensions, the crossover reaches 4,270 mm in length, 1,822 mm in width and 1,636 mm in height. The distance between its axles is 2,750 mm.

Due to the sofa adjustable longitudinally, the volume of the trunk can be changed in the range from 273 to 411 liters.

Plus, the developers provide a 15-liter compartment under the hood (for storage of charging cables).

So far, the company has presented only the rear-wheel drive version, which is equipped with a single electric motor.

However, the latter produces 272 hp. (343 Nm). The previous models of the brand could not boast of such power.

Power for its work the motor gets from the underfloor placed under the lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of 66 kWh.

Smart #1 2023.

Cruising range is 420-440 km (according to the WLTP cycle). The electric car has a 22 kW AC charger, and it can be recharged from the DC terminal with up to 150 kW.

The electric crossover is very heavy — 1,820 kg (the previous models of the brand were much lighter), while it is able to accelerate up to 180 km/h limited by the electronics.

Of electronic assistants we should mention the presence of the system «smart Pilot», which is an adaptive cruise control, capable of resuming movement after stopping.

Serial production of the smart crossover #1 will be set up at the Chinese plant Gili.

The model will be presented in the Celestial Empire, as well as in Europe. Specifically in the Old World, taking orders for a car promise to open in September of the twenty-second.

But «live» cars will appear in dealers only by the end of the year, and there is no information about the prices yet.

In addition to the presented rear-wheel drive version, in the future the model will have a number of other versions smart 1.


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