Smit Oletha.

Smit Oletha.

Smit Oletha.

Smit Oletha: a stylish two-door for fans of the BMW Z8 roadster.

Startup Smit Vehicle Engineering has unveiled its first model, the Oletha coupe built with an eye on the BMW Z8 roadster.

Apparently, this two-door was based on the BMW Z4 Coupe E86, produced from 2006 to 2008.

This is evidenced by the rear and side windows, as well as the similar location of the gas tank hatch.

At the same time, the Oletha coupe has a new body made of carbon fiber, and its torsional rigidity is declared at the level of 30,000 Nm/gr.

The exterior design is made in a retro style.

The two-door has flattened «nostrils» of the grille, distinctive headlights and humped hood.

Its stern has lights (like on the Z8), as well as a pair of oval exhaust pipes.

Smit Oletha.

The car also got a rising spoiler with an electric actuator and forged wheels, «shod» in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Interestingly, the nose and stern of the sports car are unmarked, and plaques Smit Vehicle Engineering can be seen only on the vent slots on the front wings and hubcaps.

Smit Oletha.

No pictures of the interior have been published yet, but it is known that the coupe can be ordered with one of two types of seats.

In particular, customers will be able to choose seats with a carbon fiber frame. Plus the owner will be able to count on a high-quality audio system.

Smit Oletha.

The rear-wheel drive sports car Smit Oletha reaches a length of 4,350 mm and a width of 1,850 mm.

When fully kitted out, it weighs 1,401 kg and is powered by the 4.4-liter atmospheric V8 S65B44 engine that came with the BMW M3 CTR (E90) and M3 GTS (E92).

This engine has been further developed, having received individual throttle bodies, as well as the intake path of carbon fiber.

Smit Oletha.

It works in tandem with a six-speed manual, and its output reaches 456 hp.

Dynamic characteristics of this two-door are not advertised, but AP Racing brakes with forged calipers Radi-CAL are responsible for safe stopping here.

Also Smith Oleta coupe has Inconel and stainless steel exhaust system, adjustable KW suspension, forged aluminum lower arms and a mechanical limited slip differential.

Price for the new model is not specified.

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