SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

SsangYong last year began testing a crossover, known under the factory index U100.

Now the manufacturer has declassified this car. As it turned out, the 2024 SsangYong Torres EVX electric crossover was hiding under the U100 index.

This car is visually similar to the ICE model of the same name.

The Korean novelty has the same «brutal» appearance as its prototype. She has the same angular forms and rather sharp transitions.

But the novelty received the original head optics, presented in the form of LED strips of different lengths.

They stretched out along the edge of the hood. The front bumper is complemented by a large insert that divides it into several segments: a long air intake and cutouts for additional optics.

According to representatives of SsangYong, the novelty combines features typical for crossovers and SUVs.

That is, Torres EVX is focused primarily on long journeys, including those outside the paved surface.

But representatives of the brand did not disclose information about the technical part of the Korean model.

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

The interior of the crossover is distinguished by its technological and relatively simple design.

SsangYong Torres EVX has an original design. So, the electric car has found a two-story head optics: on top there are narrow diode strips of running lights (they are also turn signals), which, in addition, are interconnected by luminous “strokes”; below are the blocks of the main headlights.

The front bumper was also replaced, and a rather massive plug flaunts in place of the radiator grille.

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

This combination is partly achieved by placing two interconnected screens mounted on top of the front panel.

The dimensions of the «electric train» have not yet been named. The length of the «traditional» crossover is 4700 mm, width — 1890 mm, height — 1720 mm, wheelbase — 2680 mm.

The interior is also its own, Torres EVX got a giant scoreboard, that is, a virtual tidy and a touchscreen of a multimedia system placed in a single housing.

The petrol SUV has separate screens, plus an additional display on which the “climate” control is displayed (in the “green” SUV, the climate control settings are obviously “sewn” into the multimedia screen).

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

The crossover is equipped with a sports steering wheel with a beveled bottom. It is stated that the volume of the luggage compartment of the novelty reaches 703 liters.

Not a word about technology yet. The “traditional” Torres, we recall, is equipped with a 1.5 petrol “turbo four”, which produces 170 hp at home. and is combined with a six-speed «automatic», front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

In Korea, you can still buy a SUV with a 1.5 gas engine with a power of 165 hp, but in this case the model is exclusively front-wheel drive.

SsangYong Torres EVX 2024.

The official presentation of Torres EVX will take place at the Seoul exhibition, which opens on March 30th.

When the car will go on sale, not yet reported. But, most likely, it will also be available only in the home market.

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