SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022. Stormtrooper and Aggressor: new versions of the record-breaking SSC Tuatara hypercar.

The American mid-engined hypercar SSC Tuatara now holds the honorary title of the fastest production car in the world.

In January of this year, he set a record at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Florida, with an average speed after races in two directions was 455.3 km / h.

But SSC North America intends to move on and has prepared two new versions of its only model.

This time, the focus is not on top speed, but on track handling.

Therefore, the streamlining of the car had to be sacrificed for the sake of increasing downforce, and the sleek and well-adjusted body of the hypercar bristled with a developed aerodynamic body kit.

However, designer Jason Castriota was also involved in the creation of new options, who developed the appearance of the base model.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

The first version is called the SSC Tuatara Striker: the company draws parallels with aviation and a strike fighter, that is, an attack aircraft.

The coupe has a large rear wing with a hydraulic system for adjusting the angle of attack, a vertical stabilizer, a developed diffuser at the stern, a front splitter and other aerodynamic elements.

As a result, the downforce acting on the car has tripled! At 160 mph (258 km / h), it reaches about 4,900 Newtons (or 500 kg), and its axle distribution is 45.4% at the front and 54.6% at the rear.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

SSC promises that these developments will be used for the next generation hypercar.

The powertrain of the SSC Tuatara Striker Coupé is the same as the base model.

The V8 5.9 twin-turbo engine with a flat crankshaft is paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox (with one clutch) and drives the rear wheels.

Unit power — 1369 HP when running on regular gasoline and 1774 hp. on E85 racing fuel.

The second version, called SSC Tuatara Aggressor, is not yet shown even in renders.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

This is an even more «wicked» version of the original hypercar, which is only for the track and has no access to public roads.

The main difference is the lightweight and «stripped» cabin with simple carbon fiber trim, a roll cage and racing seats with five-point belts.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor 2022.

In addition, a different exhaust system is installed, and for a surcharge, the power of the biturbo engine can be increased to 2200 hp.

The declared circulation of the Striker version is the same 100 copies as the base model.

But only ten track Aggressors will be released. The assembly of the first client machines has already begun.

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