Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

The Russian office of Subaru announced the start of sales of the Forester 2021 model year crossover. The equipment of such a car has new options: LED fog lights, a front camera and, most importantly, a Driver Monitoring system to monitor the driver’s condition.

Another innovation is the appearance of the Sport version, featuring a specific exterior design and interior trim.

The move into 2021 heralded an increase in prices for all Forester trims. Depending on the performance, the increase was 40-90 thousand rubles, so now the minimum cost of a crossover is 2,319,000 rubles. A modification with an older 2.5-liter engine will cost at least 2,989,900 rubles.

New Subaru Forester Sport

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

The sports version of Forester for Russia largely repeats the version that recently debuted in Japan. Only there the car is equipped with a 1.8-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 177 hp. and a specially tuned chassis.

We will not get either one or the other. The Russian Forester Sport is equipped with the usual «aspirated» 2.5 liters (185 hp) and a standard suspension. The differences from other versions lie in the body design and interior design.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

The main feature of Forester with the Sport prefix is ​​bright orange accents. Outside, they decorate bumpers, sills and rails, inside — ventilation deflectors and a platform around the gearshift lever.

The external attributes of the model are also a black radiator grille and 18-gauge wheels of the same color. Well, the interior is also distinguished by the special upholstery of the seats made of water-repellent fabric. The stitching is, of course, orange.

Since there are no new features in the Forester Sport technique, there is no progress in terms of dynamics either. The crossover accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds and has a top speed of 207 km / h.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

Driver Monitoring System Complex

The new optional add-on provides for the installation of an infrared camera under the visor of the media center. It scans a person’s face and gives hints when it detects signs of fatigue.

The system can also remember the settings of a specific driver, and then load them if the person is recognized. In total, up to five profiles are saved with the parameters of seats, multimedia and climate control.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021.

Prices and configurations 2021

In addition to the already discussed new equipment, there are no changes in the crossover configuration.

The simplest Standard version is still equipped with diode headlights, an electric driver’s seat with memory, heated front seats, a single-zone climate control system, multimedia with a 6.5-inch display, and seven airbags.

In the Comfort version, heated steering wheel and rear seats, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, a media center with an 8-inch display, a rear-view camera, USB ports for rear passengers are available.

The Elegance variant gets leather trim, keyless entry and start button, navigation system, power tailgate with memory function.

The Elegance ES package includes LED DRLs, front and side view cameras, a set of electronic assistance systems, including driver fatigue monitoring.

Versions Elegance + ES additionally rely on adjustable rear seat backrest tilt and shift paddles.

The most expensive Subaru Forester Premium ES with a price of 3,099,900 rubles has an electric drive for adjusting the front passenger seat, Harman Kardon acoustics, a sunroof and exclusive 18-inch five-spoke rims. Also, the crossover stands out externally thanks to the silvery decorative elements.

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