Subaru Legacy 2020.

Subaru Legacy 2020.

Subaru Legacy 2020.

The premiere of the Japanese business sedan Subaru Legacy 2020 model year took place in February at the Chicago Auto Show — in the same place where the previous, sixth generation of the brand was presented five years ago.

The new generation, as expected, received a number of significant improvements, not very noticeable externally, but belonging to the conceptual category.

So, following the Impreza and Forester, the Legacy began to be based on the modular architecture of the Subaru Global Platform, which not only made it possible to increase the rigidity of the new body, but also to get the prospect of expanding the engine lineup through hybrid units.

The first details of the new body

The SGP modular bogie was originally conceived by the Japanese as a versatile platform that allows the installation of standard internal combustion engines, hybrids and all-electric propulsion systems.

Subaru Legacy 2020..

This means that it was designed with an eye to a very distant future, and that the seventh generation of Subaru Legacy 2020 is a qualitatively different car, albeit almost completely retaining its dimensions:

• length — 4840 mm. (+ 40 mm.);
• width — 1840 mm .;
• height — 1500 mm .;
• wheelbase — 2750 mm.

The legacy generation change has left its mark on the six-cylinder engines, which will henceforth be replaced by four-cylinder ones.

There are only two of them:

• «aspirated» volume of 2.5 liters (185 hp and 239 Nm of torque);

• turbocharged 2.4-liter engine (264 HP, 376 Nm).
The 2020 Subaru Legacy will remain a purely all-wheel drive model, and the Lineartronic variator, which has received a new clutch, will be used as a transmission.

The chassis will remain unchanged: independent suspension with MacPherson struts in front and double wishbones on the rear axle.

Subaru Legacy 2020..


The new generation of Subaru Legacy 2020 will be accompanied by an extensive list of options that increase the comfort of car operation.

The business sedan can be retrofitted on request:

• adaptive LED front optics,
• heating and ventilation system for the front seats,
• wide-angle front camera,
• heated rear seats and steering wheel,
• panoramic roof,
• LTE module for Wi-Fi distribution,
• sockets for 12 V,
• Harman Kardon acoustic system, etc.

Subaru Legacy 2020..

Japanese engineers do not forget about safety either, so they placed 8 air bags in the cabin at once and installed the EyeSight complex, which is well known to the owners of the latest Subaru models.

It includes numerous cameras that «are able» to recognize pedestrians and vehicles in front (in the event of a collision, the braking system is automatically activated), monitor the distance and transmit information to the cruise control system, observe the markings and use the steering function, as well as monitor the driver’s condition Subaru Legacy 2020, reacting to any manifestations of fatigue, be it a characteristic facial expression or an accidental sharp pressing of the gas pedal.

This system has been in use on Subaru vehicles for over two years, but continues to require adaptation for use in some countries. In Japan, a full-fledged autopilot has already been created on its basis, while in Russia the EyeSight complex continues to be actively tested.

Subaru Legacy 2020.


The appearance of the new Subaru Legacy 2020 did not become revolutionary, on the contrary, the main distinctive features of the previous generation car are easily guessed in the exterior design: a hexagonal radiator grill with a «pattern» duplicated in the air intakes of the front bumper, interesting C-shaped optics, a relief hood.

Nothing beyond the original can be found in the stern, which closely resembles the rear end of the latest Kia and Hyundai sedans. In profile, the car began to look more solid and presentable, the merit of which was the domed roof and the wheel arches increased in diameter, allowing the installation of 18-inch rims.

Release date in Russia Subaru Legacy

The start of sales of the 2020 Subaru Legacy is scheduled for next fall, but representatives of North America will be the first to get acquainted with the new Japanese business sedans. In winter, the novelty will come to the European market, and by the end of 2020 it may become available in Russia.

For reference: the sixth generation of Legacy in its restyled version arrived to us with almost a year’s delay, and the cost of such a car in Russian car dealerships starts at 2.08 million rubles (modification with a 2.5-liter engine and 175 hp)

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