Subaru Legacy 2022.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

Subaru Legacy sedan updated after the Outback model.

The company Subaru has quite clearly set new priorities: the first one a month ago was updated crossover Outback, and only now restyled sedan Legacy is presented.

Previously, exactly four-door was considered the basic model in this duo and appeared on the world first, but the statistics of sales in the main U.S. market speaks for itself: last year Outback has dispersed here 155 thousand cars, and on account of Legacy only 23 thousand buyers.

The sedan is updated in the same vein as a crossover, but the amount of its modifications is even more modest.

The design of the forward part is changed: there are other headlights and a bumper, the radiator grill is enlarged, but fog lights remained the same, whereas the Outback has new ones.

At the rear, only the shape of the black bumper insert is revised.

Inside the cabin, at first sight, nothing has changed. However, the «senior» media system with a vertical screen of 11.6 inches has gained a new menu graphics and now supports wireless connection of interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

The optional heated steering wheel is now made along the entire length of the rim. But the sedan doesn’t get a cabin mirror with a built-in screen.

An important update is the upgraded EyeSight system: the viewing angle of the stereo cameras under the windshield is increased and the software is finalized.

And the top-end Touring XT now has a next-generation EyeSight complex, which in addition to the existing two lenses added a third, installed in the center.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

The company assures that this monocamera recognizes cyclists and pedestrians faster.

There is a new electric brake booster, which allows the electronics to start decelerating faster and more intensively.

Finally, there is Automatic Emergency Steering, which helps the driver steer away from obstacles at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Powertrains are the same. Subaru Legacy is offered with an atmospheric 2.5 (185 hp) or turbo 2.4 (264 hp), both engines are combined with a V-belt variator and all-wheel drive.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

The Legacy Sport version with tuned suspension, a spoiler on the trunk lid and black decor stands out in the range.

But if before such sedans by a misunderstanding had the base engine, after restyling the version Sport has finally got a turbo engine, and in addition a red insert on a radiator grill.

Subaru Legacy 2022.

The updated sedans will be on sale in the fall, but only in the North American market.

The Legacy of the present generation is produced only at the plant in the state of Indiana, and even in the native Japan for Subaru this model is not presented anymore.

Everything goes to the fact, that soon Legacy will disappear from the company’s lineup at all.

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