Subaru Legacy 2023.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

The updated Subaru Legacy 2023 will get a new engine: the first photos of the sedan have been published.

In today’s era of new energy vehicles, the market for fuel-powered vehicles remains just as active.

Most products are equipped with turbocharged engines, and non-turbocharged ones have been out of use for a long time.

Companies that prefer self-priming engines have also slowly begun to compromise with the market and launch cars equipped with supercharged units, and Subaru is one of them.

When it comes to talking about this brand, Forester, XV and other crossovers immediately come to mind.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

However, the brand hasn’t given up on sedans, as evidenced by recently released official photos of the updated Subaru Legacy 2023.

In terms of appearance, the most obvious change to the new car is the appearance of a larger grille and an optimized light cluster.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

The Sport version will be distinguished by the addition of red decorative stripes, which create a dynamic visual effect.

On the side, the overall design is relatively stable and generally does not have a strong emotional impact.

The straight lines and silver multi-spoke wheels look very traditional.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

The same can be said about the interior of the redesigned sedan. It still uses the classic design with the addition of a large LCD screen of Subaru StarLink multimedia complex.

The new Legacy will come standard with the latest version of the EyeSight driver assistance system, which is also enriched with additional features.

Subaru Legacy 2023.

The biggest change to the new Legacy is centered under the hood. Reportedly, the car will be equipped with the latest 2.4T engine, which is also put on the latest Subaru Outback.

The power of the unit is 260 hp with 376 N*m of torque. It is combined with an upgraded variator transmission.

In terms of product strength, the Subaru has good driving stability, high safety and easy handling.

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