Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022. The all-terrain Subaru Outback 6th generation station wagon debuted in the States two years ago, and later its sales began in Europe and Russia, with the car only appearing in October twenty-first in Japan, the native market for the model.

In the islands this car is presented as Subaru Legacy Outback, although the actual sedan Legacy of the 7th generation is not even offered in Japan.

Such a long delay in the beginning of sales of the model is due to the fact that the domestic market is not a priority for this station wagon.

At the same time the company has made several significant changes in the design of the car.

The most important — for Japanese buyers the new Legacy Outback is offered with a 1.8-liter turbo motor CB18 with 177 hp capacity, which is also put in the Levorg and Forester models.

It is paired with a V-belt variator and all-wheel drive.

In the markets of other countries the station wagon is on sale with a 2.5-liter atmospheric engine with efficiency from 169 to 188 h.p., and in America a 264-horsepower turbocharged unit with the working volume of 2.4 liters is offered additionally.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

In addition, especially for Japan, the model is equipped with a virtual dashboard with three variants of information display, though in other countries the car will have only an analog board.

The third distinctive chip of a new Subaru Legacy Outback 2022 is an airbag for pedestrians, which is located under the rear edge of the hood and opens during the collision.

Its main task is to protect the head from hitting the windshield. In the islands the car will be available in two packages, but prices are not specified.

New Subaru Legacy Outback: its own engine and new equipment.

The native Japanese market is not a priority for this cross-country station wagon, so it will appear here last.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

Start of sales of the new generation is scheduled for October, although the Outback has already appeared in Europe and Russia, and the debut in the U.S. and even was two years ago.

But cars for Japan will have a number of unique features.

By tradition, the station wagon is presented in the Islands under the double name Legacy Outback.

And this despite the fact that the basic sedan Subaru Legacy will no longer be here: the production of four-doors is now conducted only in the U.S. for the local market.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

Especially for Japan, the wagon has a completely virtual dashboard with a 12.3-inch screen and three modes of display, while in other markets, the Outback has an analog scale with a small display in the center.

Another difference is the engine. In all countries the Outback is offered with an atmospheric 2.5 engine rated at 169-188 hp, and in America, in addition, a turbo 2.4 engine (264 hp) is offered.

But Subaru Legacy Outback in Japanese specification is equipped with a new 1.8-liter turbo four CB18 (177 hp), which is also mounted on the Levorg and Forester models.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022.

The transmission is a V-belt variator and all-wheel drive with a clutch on the rear axle.

Finally, cars for Japan have a «pedestrian» airbag. It is hidden under the rear edge of the hood and opens during a hit-and-run, covering the zone, where the head of the hit poor guy is most likely to hit.

Subaru is the only automaker in the world that installs such airbags on production cars, but only on versions for the Japanese market.

In the home market, the Outback will have only two configurations, but prices have not yet been announced.

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