Subaru Levorg 2021.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

Subaru Levorg 2021: stylish station wagon with new boxer engine.

In the fall of the nineteenth year, the Japanese presented a pre-production version of the Subaru Levorg station wagon of the 2nd generation, and its production version was presented in August of the twentieth.

Like its predecessor, the new 2021 Subaru Levorg body is built on the basis of the Impreza, but at the same time it does not look like a donor at all. The company has completed the second generation station wagon in the new Bolder style for the brand, which is characterized by the presence of more impressive and sharp design elements.

In particular, at the front, the model attracts attention with a hexagonal radiator grille, predatory headlights, as well as a muscular bumper and the same hood, and the latter here also sports a wide air intake.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

In addition, the car has an athletic silhouette and a tightly knit stern. As with the new Legacy and Outback, the 2021 Subaru Levorg is equipped with Starlink multimedia with an 11.6-inch vertical touchscreen, which controls music, climate control, and some other minor functions.

In this case, on the sides of the screen, there are several analog «hot» buttons.

Another feature of Levorg is the virtual tidy (for the first time on Subaru). It has a 12.3-inch display and several options for displaying information (for example, you can display navigation maps on the screen).


The interior itself has become somewhat more spacious, while the rear sofa, the back of which is divided into three parts by default, has received heating.

Note that in addition to the usual version of the model, the new Subaru Levorg also provides a «sporty» version of STI Sport — the latter is characterized by a more aggressive exterior design and corresponding interior decor.

Like the original Impreza, the new 2021 Subaru Levorg is built on the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) modular platform, while the chassis architecture has not fundamentally changed: the MacPherson struts are still involved in the front, and the double wishbone suspension at the rear.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

At the same time, the station wagon is now equipped with an electric brake booster, and ventilated disc mechanisms are installed on all wheels.

The overall length of the five-door is 4,755 mm (+ 65), the wheelbase is 2,670 (+ 20), the width is 1,795 (+ 15), the height is 1,500 (+ 15), the ground clearance (clearance) is declared at the level of 145 millimeters.

The boot volume of the model is 492 liters, while there is also an underground 69-liter compartment (instead of a niche for a spare wheel), which provides hooks for bags.

The fifth door has an electric drive, and it is activated here not by “kick under the rear bumper”, but by applying any part of the body (for example, palm or elbow) to the emblem on the stern.

Interestingly, the 2021 Subaru Levorg became the first model of the Japanese brand to receive a new boxer turbo engine. It is a 1.8-liter CB18 unit with direct fuel injection. This engine has a cylinder diameter of 80.6 mm and a piston stroke of 88 mm.

Engine power reaches 177 hp. and 300 Nm, and it works in conjunction with the Lineartronic wedge-chain variator. Note that the latter has a manual mode with eight fixed gears. As for the drive, it is traditionally full — with a rear axle coupling.

Note that the SI-Drive system with two driving presets is declared for the base Levorg, while the above-mentioned STI Sport version boasts electronically controlled shock absorbers (again for the first time for Subaru), which have several operating modes at once, differing from each other in the degree of rigidity.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

Plus the top-end Subaru Levorg STI Sport 2021 flaunts the presence of an expanded «Drive Mode Select» system, which provides a choice of five driving presets, when switching which, individual settings for the engine and gearbox are involved, as well as the suspension, all-wheel drive transmission and power steering.

Note that already in the base the station wagon is equipped with a new generation EyeSight system, which includes the functions of automatic braking and lane keeping.

The complex receives the information necessary for its work thanks to a stereo camera with an increased viewing angle and four radars located in the corners of the body.

For a surcharge, the more advanced EyeSight X system is available. It is an adaptive cruise control linked to GPS satellite navigation, thanks to which the electronics are able to pre-determine the complexity of turns and the terrain along the route, choosing the most optimal speed.

Subaru Levorg 2021.

Such a pseudo-autopilot allows the driver to take his hands off the steering wheel when driving on the highway, but for a relatively short period of time, after which the electronics will demand to regain control of the steering wheel using a buzzer.

If the person does not react, then a sound alarm will go off, and red signals will light up on the tidy.

At the same time, the electronics will turn on the emergency gang and smoothly reduce the speed of the car until it stops completely. In Japan, taking orders for the new Subaru Levorg 2 has already started.

The cost of the model is not advertised, but the first cars will appear in local car dealerships in October 2020. It is possible that the car will appear on the European market, but the sale of the car in Russia is unlikely.

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