Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

All-terrain Subaru Outback Wilderness: body kit and modified suspension.
Subaru has prepared a special version of the Outback 6 all-terrain station wagon called «Wilderness» for the North American market.

Outside, the novelty attracts attention with black bumpers and the same linings on the wheel arches.

Such a car has heavily recessed fog lights and massive roof rails. Plus the car has reinforced underbody protection and special 17-inch wheels with Yokohama Geolandar off-road tires.

The interior of the modification is characterized by water-repellent seat upholstery and advanced functionality of the multimedia system, the screen of which now displays indicators of longitudinal and lateral roll.

Both outside and inside the car also has special nameplates.

The Subaru Outback Wilderness is driven by a 2.4-liter gasoline turbo engine with 264 hp, which works with a standard Lineartronic V-chain variator, only the final drive is shorter here (4.44: 1 instead of 4.11: 1). Plus, the special version has its own settings for the off-road driving presets of the X-Mode electronic system.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

Another feature of the model is a modified suspension, which uses new springs and shock absorbers.

The vehicle’s track was reportedly widened by 5 mm and the ground clearance increased to 240 mm (+ 20). The angles of entry and exit are equal to 20.0 and 23.6 degrees, respectively.

According to the developers, such a station wagon is capable of climbing a 40% rise with gravel surfaces.

Subaru Outback Wilderness will be produced at the American plant in Indiana, the start of sales is scheduled for the second half of the twenty-first year, the cost has not yet been announced.

Outside of North America, the novelty will most likely not appear.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

The USA is the main country of sale for Subaru: with a meager model range, the Japanese company sells more cars here than Kia, Volkswagen and Mazda.

In 2020, Subaru sold 611,942 cars in the US (data from the company itself), the Forester crossover was in greatest demand (176,996 units), and the Outback cross-wagon took second place with 153,294 units sold.

Subaru Outback simply has no competitors in the non-premium segment, Volkswagen Passat Alltrack is not officially supplied in the USA.

The sixth generation Outback on the modular SGP platform debuted in the United States in the spring of 2019, this spring the new cross-station wagon reached Europe, and in Russia it is expected next summer.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

Meanwhile, a hardcore version of Wilderness made its debut in the USA, which in theory could appear in other markets, where the real off-road qualities of cars are still in price, and not just brutal entourage, for example, in Australia and Russia, but official statements on this the occasion has not yet been.

The American Outback Wilderness will only be offered with a top-end 2.4-liter gasoline turbo engine (264 hp, 376 Nm) paired with a Lineartronic V-chain variator with eight fixed gear ratios adapted to the modified main gear of the rear axle — it was 4.11, became 4.44, that is, off-road traction capabilities have become better.

Subaru claims the Outback Wilderness can climb a 40 percent incline (21.8 degrees) on gravel surfaces. Responsible for the grip are Yokohama Geolandar A / T off-road tires with embossed sidewalls, worn on matte black 17-inch alloy wheels, a unique design created especially for the Wilderness version.

A full-size spare wheel is stored under the boot floor — 225/65 R 17.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

The ground clearance was increased from 220 to 240 mm, the suspension travels were increased, the track was widened by 5 mm, new springs and shock absorbers were installed, the standard metal protection for the engine and transmission appeared (for a surcharge, you can install the protection of the fuel tank and rear differential), the driving modes of the system were re-calibrated X-Mode.

The approach angle increased from 18.6 to 20.0 degrees, the exit angle — from 21.7 to 23.6 degrees, the ramp angle — from 19.4 to 21.2 degrees.

Other features of the Outback Wildernes include new bumpers made of unpainted plastic (front with recessed round LED fog lights), squared and widened wheel arches, matte bonnet trim, mesh grille pattern and an LED tail light integrated into the tailgate.

Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022.

Bright orange caps cover the attachment points for the tow hooks and expedition rack.

Inside — seats with wear-resistant water-repellent upholstery and contrasting orange seams, orange inserts on the steering wheel and variator mode selector, aluminum pedals, chrome trim elements have been replaced with dark matte, floor mats with the Subaru Wilderness logo, standard 11.6-inch multimedia the screen can show roll angles and other specific information.

The Outback Wilderness cross-wagon will appear at American dealers of Subaru in the second half of this year, prices have not been announced yet.

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