Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021: the second generation of the crossover.

The second generation of the Subaru XV crossover was presented at the Geneva Motor Show two thousand seventeen, where a pre-production version of the car was shown exactly a year ago.

The company noted that the car has been improved in all respects. Externally, the new 2021 Subaru XB model, at first glance, does not differ much from its predecessor — the changes in the exterior design can be called rather evolutionary.

However, there is a different radiator grill, redesigned bumpers, and other lighting technology.

Complete set Subaru XV 2021.

1.6 (114 HP) Base AWD CVT (price 2 079 000 rubles)

2.0 (150 HP) Standard AWD CVT (price 2 329 900 rubles)

2.0 (150 HP) Elegance AWD CVT (price 2 439 900 rubles)

2.0 (150 HP) Standard EyeSight AWD CVT (price 2 489 900 rubles)

2.0 (150 HP) Premium EyeSight AWD CVT (price 2 579 900 rubles)

CVT — variator,
AWD — four-wheel drive

The SUV received two new body paint options (Cool Gray Khaki and Sunshine Orange), as well as a new design of 18-inch wheels.

Subaru XV 2021.

In general, compared to its predecessor, the new Subaru XV 2021 stands out with smoother body lines.

The cabin is equipped with modernized seats with orange stitching, a front panel, steering wheel and instrument panel as on the Impreza, as well as a new multimedia complex with an 8.0-inch touchscreen display on the center console with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Plus, finishing materials have been improved.


The crossover is based on a new modular platform «Subaru Global Platform», which allowed more than half to increase the rigidity of the structure, as well as a rear stabilizer integrated into the body, with which the roll of the car in fast corners decreased by 50 percent.

Subaru XV 2021.

There are McPherson struts in the front, and an independent spring suspension with double wishbones is used at the rear.

In terms of its overall dimensions, the new Subaru XV 2021 model has become slightly larger than the previous generation car: the length of the SUV is 4,465 mm (+ 15), the wheelbase is 2,665 (+ 30), and the width is 1,800 (+ 20).

The ground clearance (clearance) is declared here at 220 millimeters, the center of gravity has been reduced by 5 mm.

The trunk volume is 310 liters, and with the backs of the second row folded, the compartment increases to 1 220 liters.

Under the hood of the 2021 Subaru XB model year is an upgraded 2.0-liter boxer with 156 hp. (196 Nm), paired with a lightweight Lineatronic variator (- 8 kilos), which simulates seven virtual gears.

Subaru XV 2021.

Compared to the previous engine, the new one turned out to be only 6 forces more powerful, but at the same time it became lighter and more economical, and about 80% of the parts were changed in its design.

The proprietary all-wheel drive system Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive has acquired an additional X-Mode control electronics mode, which allows you to feel more confident on a bad road.

In the Russian market, a 1.6-liter aspirated engine with a capacity of 114 forces and 150 Nm is available for the car, with which the crossover accelerates from zero to a hundred in 13.9 seconds, the maximum speed is 175 km / h.

The more powerful Subaru XV 2.0 with a 150 horsepower engine travels from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds, providing a top speed of 192 kilometers per hour.

Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared 7.1 l / 100 km (in the city 9.0, on the highway — 5.9), while for the initial version these figures are 6.6 liters (as well as 8.2 and 5, 7 l).

Subaru XV 2021.

Both are supplied with AI-95 gasoline, the volume of the filling tank is 63 liters.

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Also, the equipment of the car includes a complex of security systems EyeSight with adaptive cruise control, tracking systems for lane markings and «blind» zones, a function to prevent frontal collisions and adaptive optics.

The start of sales of Subaru XV in a new body in Russia fell on October seventeenth. It was decided to supply us with four-wheel drive vehicles with two motors: 1.6 (114 hp) and 2.0 (150 hp) liters, both are paired with a variator.

The price of the model starts at 2 079 000 rubles for the basic modification, and the more powerful version costs at least 2 329 900 rubles, while the top modification will cost 2 579 900 rubles.

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