Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022. The Japanese cross-hatch Subaru XV has been sold on the Russian market for ten years.

This model is distinguished by the fact that having virtually a car body, the cross-hatch demonstrates excellent off-road performance.

Now in the showrooms of the Japanese brand Subaru XV 2022 is available as a restyled version of the second generation.

Prices for the car range from 2549000 to 2719900 rubles. In any of the versions of the cross-hatch is equipped with a 2-liter atmospheric engine.

The list of available equipment «Japanese» includes a set of assistants and services that improve the handling and safety of the car.

Among the main competitors of the Subaru XV can be called Skoda Karoq, Mazda CX-5, KIA Sportage.

Technical Specifications

Conducted at the beginning of 2021 restyling of the Japanese model, led to a number of changes in the appearance of the car, but at the same time, did not provide for the appearance of a new body.

Also the manufacturer has revised the list of available options and technical characteristics of the cross-hatch.

Naturally, in the course of the update, prices for the Subaru XV 2022 have also changed. Photos of the actual car are available in this review.

Subaru XV 2022.

No fundamental changes in the technical features of the Subaru XV did not occur.

As before, its running gear is represented by independent suspension.

The front suspension is built on the basis of McPherson struts, and behind — multilever design.

Power capabilities of the cross-hatch is presented by a 2-liter diesel engine that generates 150 horsepower and 196 N*m of torque.

This engine works according to Euro-5 standards and is additionally equipped with a start-stop system. It is paired with a variator and all-wheel drive system.

According to the automaker, in a similar technical configuration cross-hatch will consume about 7.1 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, and acceleration to the first «hundred» can be achieved in 10.6 seconds.

Subaru XV 2022.

Dimensions of the Japanese car are:

Body dimensions — 4485x1800x1615 mm;
Weight — 1525 kg;
Number of seats — 5;
Cross-axis distance — 2665 mm;
Ground clearance — 220 mm;
Fuel tank capacity — 63 liters;
The trunk capacity — from 310 to 1240 liters.

Options and prices

As a result of the restyling, the Japanese Subaru XV 2022 is offered in three available configurations.

Safety ES
The basic version of the cross-hatch, priced at 2549,000 rubles.

Elegance ES
The next set of the cross-hatch, costing 2609900 rubles.

Premium ES
Top version of the Japanese car, the price of which is equal to 2719900 rubles.


All cars produced by Subaru brand are traditionally distinguished by the highest safety for their passengers.

Subaru XV 2022.

As for Subaru XV, this model is equipped with all necessary safety systems and electronic assistants, able to prevent accidents on the road.

In addition, the first generation Subaru XV took part in crash tests conducted by the methodology of ANCAP and managed to earn maximum scores.


The appearance of cars produced by the Subaru brand is traditionally close to sports cars. In this regard, the Subaru XV is no exception.

The car looks quite dynamic and stylish. Its front part is slightly elongated and stands out thanks to its optics, as well as a neat trapezoidal grille.

During the restyling, the manufacturer revised the design of the front bumper.

The side of the cross-hatch stands out due to the powerful notches of wheel arches and plastic protection, installed on the perimeter.

Subaru XV 2022.

The stern does not have any non-standard solutions and looks like a logical continuation of the car’s exterior.

The interior of the cars, produced by Subaru, traditionally has no super technological solutions.

It is made in such a way that the driver could comfortably operate all available functionality.

The steering wheel has the keys to control individual services, and the touch screen multimedia gives the opportunity to manage the safety elements and other features offered by the developer.

The seats of the first row are quite comfortable, with excellent side support and lumbar support. But the rear sofa can not be called comfortable for the passengers.

It is narrow enough and does not offer a mass of free space for passengers’ legs.

The luggage compartment in a standard variant is not capacious due to the same fact.

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