Suzuki Jimny 2021.

Suzuki Jimny 2021.

Suzuki Jimny 2021.

Suzuki Jimny 2021: urban version of a practical compact SUV.
In the global market, the demand for cheap and practical compact SUVs is increasing. The Japanese quickly responded to the situation by updating the popular model of the branded all-terrain vehicle, which will be released under the Suzuki Jimny 2021 brand.

Another restyling left the off-road properties unchanged, the main efforts of the company specialists were aimed at adapting the car to urban conditions. The novelty is of interest to drivers of different age groups. The manufacturer is positioning the updated Jimny as a car for outdoor activities and everyday needs.

Suzuki Jimny 2021.


In relation to its predecessor, the new model of an urban SUV offers a look that has been refined in accordance with the latest design innovations, enhanced cabin volume and optimal starting and speed characteristics for urban traffic. In the design features of the new items:

angular box body configuration;
short body kits;
strict geometry of window and door openings;
capacious volumes of square wheel niches.

In the new body design, elements of a typical sports car with an aggressive cross-country style are clearly visible.
In the photo of the new model assortment, the full face focuses on the Spartan, strictly functional layout of the front end. In sight — a wide plastic perimeter of the wind glazing, decorated with longitudinal stampings a short, slightly inclined hood.

The complete set of rectangular radiator cladding has easily recognizable brand symbols, classic round headlights with halogen fittings and a set of small turn signals.

A large part of the front area is occupied by a massive plastic body kit, equipped with ventilation air intakes and a pair of fog lamp shades.
Not bad for its price level looks Suzuki Jimny 2021 in a profile perspective. The new body shows a flat roof, a black plastic frame of the side windows, compact handles recessed into the door, a figured format of a protective plastic skirt and a high off-road clearance.

A stylish addition to the composition are stylish modern mirrors, a compact footboard and an original design of 16-inch wheels.
The upgrade almost did not touch the design of the back plane of the body. In stock:

a large single glazed tailgate at the top;
external hitch of a spare wheel;
several chrome nameplates;
supplemented with a platform for a registration plate and horizontal blocks of lamps a bulging bumper.

Despite the lack of a bright exterior decor, the new compact SUV looks fully modern and attractive.

Suzuki Jimny 2021..


Taking into account the new status of Jimny of the sample of 2021, the cabin volume was improved, and the functionality of the componentry of technical and electronic equipment was expanded.

The decoration is made of better materials, the information content of the analog instrument panel combined with the computer monitor is increased, and the upper tier of the center console is reserved for the installation of the command-and-display display.

Next to the cabin climate control panel are off-road system switches and units. The functional tunnel design offers transmission, transfer case, and parking brake levers, as well as several useful organizers. Many participants in the presentation raised many questions about the lack of an armrest.

Front seats with static head restraints and effective lateral support offer a standard range of adjustments and a heated function. The riders of the rear double sofa can change the angle of the backrest.

Luggage capacity in the traveling version is only 85 liters. After partial dismantling of the rear seats, the volume increases to 830 liters. The placement of bulky goods is made difficult by the uneven floor surface.

Suzuki Jimny 2021...


The modified dimensions of the compact SUV Suzuki Jimny 2021 are adjusted in the ratios 3645×1645 and 1725 mm. Running and off-road characteristics are stabilized by an interaxle base 2250 mm long, high up to 210 mm, ground clearance, as well as a spring suspension with long-stroke shock absorbers.

The base model is driven by a tandem of a 0.66-liter engine with an output of 63 hp / 103 Nm of peak traction and a 5-speed manual transmission.

In the top-end modification, a more powerful drive of 1.5 l / 102 hp / 130 Nm is promised. Four-wheel drive automated transmission with a two-stage demultiplicator and differential lock function offers four driving modes.
The test drive showed the dynamics of speed gaining optimal for its power and price range and the economical consumption of high-octane fuel.

Suzuki Jimny 2021....

Options and prices

The selling price of the base model in ruble equivalent starts at 1.2 million, the cost of a more powerful and dynamic top-end modification is 500 thousand rubles higher on average.

Competing Models

The budget cost of the new Jimny narrows the range of potential competitors.

The status of rivals in the price assortment of up to one and a half million rubles can be claimed by similar designs by foreign and Russian manufacturers such as Great Wall Hover H3, Chevrolet Niva, Daihatsu Terios and UAZ Hunter.

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