Suzuki Swift 2021.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

Suzuki Swift 2021: compact city hatchback.
The Japanese company Suzuki does not so often please its fans with car novelties.

Therefore, at the recent autoforum in Thailand, a real sensation was made — the updated Suzuki Swift hatchback 2021 was shown.

It cannot be said that the restyling has seriously affected the driving qualities of the car and the interior, but the appearance has become much more aggressive and modern.

However, the interior has acquired new «comfortable» features, but the engine compartment characteristics have not yet been fully clarified.

Judging by the photo, the main trump card of the novelty is its appearance. Only the dimensions of the new model remind us that this is Swift, nevertheless, small details have been updated quite significantly.

These include a large number of decorative black-glossy inserts, evil body kits and bumpers, bright optics and a variety of relief.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

Suzuki Swift’s 2021 face came out the most striking. It does not differ in size and is not set high, but it is located at an angle, which greatly facilitates the life of the driver.

Beneath a large, heavily sloped windshield sits a lavishly ornate bonnet. Among them, it is worth noting several longitudinal stripes-depressions, as well as inserts made in black gloss.

Even these elements make the car look much more interesting. Then all this is developing: the main optics of large sizes retained their triangular shape, but became noticeably larger and received a xenon filling in combination with high-quality halogen lights.

Between the headlights is a nice air intake trapezoid with a thin glossy black bezel. A large drawing appeared in the center of the grille, painted in the same color and bearing a platform for a license plate.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

Immediately below it is an evil body kit, consisting of a huge slot for an additional air intake, which functionally provides better cooling not only for the power unit, but also for the front brakes.

Here you can also find black gloss inserts, fog lights, as well as relief transitions. At the very bottom, you can find another protective insert made of black plastic.

The car’s stern looks no less aggressive. Its upper part is rather narrow, but closer to the bottom it will expand.

Among the decorations here can be distinguished a modest visor with small repeaters of stop lights, covering a large rounded window connected to black narrow C-pillars.

Here you can also find a large number of stepped and smoothly rolling relief, chrome-plated plates, stamping under the number, as well as stylish, «twisted» side lights.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

The body kit came out very modest, however, on it, in addition to the relief and fog lights, you can find a black diffuser, as well as two false cuts for the completion of the exhaust system.


The interior of the car has changed very slightly. At the same time, the new Suzuki Swift 2021 model year is distinguished by better quality finishes and practical materials, among which you can find plastic, fabric and solid leather in rich trim levels.

The multimedia will also improve, and the seats will become more comfortable.

Control and management bodies

The dashboard has undergone changes, but not too global. In particular, the steering wheel came from the previous generation, and the dashboard retained its simple form.

Right in the middle is the mid-sized touchscreen display of the infotainment system. Below you can find a block of settings for the climate system, as well as a hole for wireless charging a smartphone or connecting external sources of information to the car.

Suzuki Swift 2021.

The tunnel, narrow and low, contains a technical panel with a small gear selector, pockets for change, as well as a good armrest with a glove compartment in its depths.

Seats and luggage compartment

The front seats cannot be called too comfortable: there is no lateral support as such, and the filling cannot be called soft. Unfortunately, the back row is just as inconvenient: even two medium-sized passengers will not be too spacious here.

The trunk remained the same small: 210 liters in the stowed state and a little less than 530 liters — if you fold the rear row of seats.


With a high degree of probability, it can be argued that the Suzuki Swift 2021 will be content with the same engines as the previous generation.

Accordingly, these will be exclusively gasoline power units. In the basic version, a 1.2-liter unit with a capacity of 94 «horses» will go.

The liter unit equipped with a turbine will already show 110 forces. In addition, a 3-horsepower motor generator can be ordered as an option, which can run for 30 seconds.

The set of transmissions is also impressive: a five-step mechanics, a variator or a six-speed «automatic». In addition, the buyer will be able to choose a drive: either to the front wheels, or to all at once.

Options and prices

The model will not differ in the abundance of complete sets. The price of the simplest one will approach 650 thousand rubles, while for the most sophisticated one will have to pay more than 800 thousand units of the Russian currency.

Competing models

Among the closest competitors for the buyer’s wallet are Renault Symbol, Volkswagen Polo hatchback, and Ford Fiesta.

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