Suzuki SX4 2020.

Suzuki SX4 2020.

Suzuki SX4 2020.

The 2020 Suzuki SX4 is an unexpected rebranding of the 2014 crossover of the same name. The manufacturer surprised not only Russian, but also international dealers with the decision to produce a modified four ES-IKS.

The fact is that the previous version was clearly not popular with buyers, sellers were selling copies of 2014 with great difficulty.

Modifications and options.

Suzuki SX4 2020 with “automatic” will be slightly more expensive than Suzuki Vitara 1.6 with front-wheel drive and manual transmission (1,069,000), which is understandable. But nothing is known about the cost of the 140-horsepower version 1.4 Boosterjet.

Experts believe that it will cost buyers no less than 1,500,000 rubles. For those wishing to get a car with an all-wheel drive, you will have to throw at least another 100,000. The crossovers will appear on sale this fall.

The cars intended for Russian roads will not have a start-stop system, but given the state of the roadway, this can be considered a plus.

It is because of the high cost of Suzuki SX4 2020 that they predict a failure in the Russian market. After all, there are no less successful, but much more affordable cars. For example, Kaptur and Creta.


Suzuki SX4 2020 acquired a new 1.4 Boosterjet engine, got an automatic transmission and an updated look. But did the car benefit from such upgrades?

Suzuki SX4 2020.

Moreover, the front part of the car acquired a somewhat frightening hypertrophied «grin». The car looks nicer from the back. However, the most sophisticated designs have their fans. Perhaps the 2020 Suzuki SX4 will be no exception to this rule.


The base Suzuki SX4 GL is equipped with halogen headlights. In the more expensive version of the GLX, the car now has LED headlights, and in addition, «cilia» of the running lights.

It is not known why the Japanese manufacturer decided to slightly mislead potential buyers. However, it was stated that the ground clearance increased to 180 mm, but in fact it still does not exceed 170 mm. The wheels will be 17-inch for the Asian and European markets. 16-inch variations will be delivered to Russia.

Suzuki SX4 2020.


The interior of the Suzuki SX4 is hardly impressive. More he would fit any budget SUV.

The only advantage of the GL version is the soft texture of the plastic on the front panel. The GLX also adds interior backlighting.

All versions use traditional mechanical instruments. But there is also a monochrome display that displays information from the trip computer.

The multimedia system, like many other things, is borrowed from the Vitara — this is a 7-inch display with touch controls. The menu is completely Russified.

The trunk is quite spacious, with the upper tier lined with rigid flooring that can be lifted up to access the roomy underground. Even lower is the dokatka spare wheel.

Suzuki SX4 2020.

Technical stuffing

The manufacturer decided to leave the version of the Suzuki SX4 2020 crossover with a 1.6 engine and a capacity of 117 horsepower unchanged. But the new version with the 1.4 Boosterjet turbo engine for 140 «horses» was nevertheless decided to work better.

By the way, this unit was borrowed from another brainchild of the Japanese automaker — Suzuki Vitara S. The improved model Suzuki SX4 was equipped with a six-speed «automatic».

1.4 Boosterjet is a Japanese proprietary engine. It has an aluminum block, a direct fuel injection system and an IHI turbine.

According to the lucky ones who have already managed to test drive the vehicle, it rides smoothly, demonstrating all its strength and power. There are no delays, and the switching is as smooth as possible.

Suzuki SX4 2020.

This is especially noticeable in Sport mode: the automatic transmission instantly goes down a step, and the response from the accelerator becomes more sensitive.

The rather modest «appetite» of the car — only 7.7 liters per 100 km cannot but rejoice. The automatic transmission was made by Aisin and pleases with fast and responsive shifting.

This splendor is complemented by a «washer» for selecting Drive Mode Select, due to which you can change the algorithm of the accelerator, gearbox and some other tools.

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