Suzuki XL7 2022.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

The Suzuki XL7 2022 is now in the greatest demand in Indonesia and India.

However, in the latter country the crossover is called XL6 due to the fact that it is offered exclusively in a six-seat layout.

Therefore, it will be more appropriate to consider the Indian version, as it is much more widespread.

There the automobile is offered in two complete sets: Alpha and Zetta at the price from 994 689 up to 1 173 689 in terms of roubles.

Also the price is influenced by characteristics, and more exactly by the type of transmission: automatic or manual gearbox.

At the same time, there is only one engine in the engine range. The car is a competitor to such models as the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Kia Sorento and Lada Largus, if we take the global market as a basis.

Among the local rivals in India is the Tata Punch, which will appear in the country during this year.

Technical specifications

Suzuki XL7 2022 in the new body has been on sale in India for quite some time.

Features, prices and specifications of the model are available on the official Suzuki India website.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

But car enthusiasts from Russia and most other countries can look at the car only by photo. In our country, this parkett will never be sold.

The car is now offered with non-alternative one and a half-liter atmospheric unit with maximum capacity of 105 horsepower and torque of 138 N*m.

A mechanical «five-speed» or four-speed automatic gearbox works together with this engine. Drive the car only in front.

All-wheel drive transmission is not available even as an option. The car has a simple but very reliable suspension with McPherson struts on the front and rear axles.

All wheels have ventilated brakes. However, these brakes are disk ones at the front and classic drums are at the rear.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

The truck is very comfortable to drive on any road surface. In addition, this suspension will not crumble from regular use.

The car has an average size. The body length is 4,445 millimeters, width — 1,775 millimeters, and height — 1,700 millimeters.

Of course, this is not the most compact size, but nevertheless the cross will be quite easy to maneuver on roads with high traffic.

Weight of the car is only 1,145 grams, so it is very easy to manage. It is also worth noting that the model has a fairly high ground clearance — 20 centimeters.

This will allow the XL7 to drive on country roads. However, with front-wheel drive it is worth more careful to go off-road.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

The wheelbase of the automobile is 2740 millimeters. Therefore the interior is rather spacious, especially in the layout with six seats.

There is an opening between the two captain’s chairs, through which the passengers of the third row get to their seats.

Everyone will enjoy the ride, except for people who would like to take a lot of things on a trip. After all, the size of the luggage compartment is only 209 liters, which is catastrophically small.

However, three people from the last row can stay at home, then the volume with folded seats will be 550 liters.

It is necessary to note, that in the Indonesian version this indicator is a little bit bigger — 369 liters. However, it is also not as much as we would like from a car of this type.

Options and prices

Here everything is as modest as possible. In fact, if you compare XL7 even with cars of exclusively Suzuki’s lineup, the choice of equipment levels is very small.

Suzuki XL7 2022.

Only two options are available for buyers from India — Alpha and Zetta, at the price from 994 689 to 1 173 689.

At that, the cost of each of them is traditionally affected by the type of transmission: automatic or manual.


The car has got quite a bright design, which looks great with the orange body paint. Throughout the exterior, you can see the sharp, swift lines that give the car a sporty look. The stylish headlights stand out from the jawline.

Between the headlights is a radiator grille with a metal insert in the middle.

The car also has the features of an SUV, which are expressed by the unpainted plastic on the sills, wheel arches and bumpers, as well as the silver roof rails and imitation of protective plates in front and rear. All this looks harmonious and even attractive.

The interior of the car, of course, can not be called exquisite. There everything is simple enough: fabric upholstery of seats (in standard configuration) and plastic elements of decor.

All details, including made of carbon, metal and wood, are actually from plastic. But it makes no sense to accuse this model of props, it does not cost that much money to use natural materials as decorations.


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