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Changan Uni-K- 2023.

Changan Uni-V 2023.

Changan Uni-K- 2023. Chinese companies over the past few years have begun to actively develop on the Russian market. This year, the Changan brand has brought the long-awaited Changan Uni-K crossover to our country. The car has quite average dimensions and good characteristics that make it a direct competitor for Geely Tugella and EXEED TXL. […]

Changan Uni-K 2022.

Changan Uni-K 2022.

Changan Uni-K 2022. Changan Uni-K 2022 is a larger crossover than the Uni-T, which Chinese company Changan was going to deliver to Russia in 2021. However, the plans have been revised, and now we are promised an older SUV that has been on sale in China for more than a year. The Uni-K is comparable […]