Tata Altroz ​​iTurbo 2021.

Tata Altroz iTurbo 2021.

Tata Altroz ​​iTurbo 2021.

Tata Altroz ​​2021 — new hatchback with iTurbo version.
Once again, we are surprised by the Indian auto industry, which has recently begun to conquer European markets more and more aggressively.

Tata Altroz, came out in India at the beginning of 2020 and immediately received universal recognition, since the car really turned out to be of good quality and is in no way inferior to its fellows in the class.

In the new year, Tata Motors’ anniversary campaign is releasing an updated version that receives the serial designation Altroz ​​iTurbo.

The model can be safely attributed to super compact cars. The model will be produced in one body: a hatchback.

For a more detailed analysis of the new Tata Altroz, we highlight the main points that will help create an overall picture of this Indian miracle.

Vehicle appearance

The machine looks quite unusual: there is a pronounced aggressive style. Crisp, sharp body shapes blend seamlessly into molded bodywork. One gets the impression that this is a city thug who is ready for adventure.

Tata Altroz iTurbo 2021.

The front end has all the same optics that were used a year ago: deep-set headlights make it even more formidable.

The rear of the hatchback has remained virtually unchanged. The exterior will be complemented by a new color that suits this model perfectly: Harbor Blue.


The creators promise to use practical, solid materials for decoration. As it became known, the new 2021 will receive a leatherette interior with deep perforation.

The hard plastic will have light colors that are beautifully illuminated by blue neon lights.
However, one should take into account the variety of trim levels that will offer the buyer a different level of finish.

Tata Altroz iTurbo 2021.

Almost all versions are equipped with advanced multimedia systems with a large screen. Two main platforms of modern gadgets are supported.

A certain minimalism is felt inside the car, which clearly borders on the modern electronic component. The on-board computer will allow you to use 70 commands that help you communicate directly with Altroz.

Three languages ​​are used as linguistic support: English, Hindi and Hinglish. An innovative air conditioner with an instant cooling system is also installed.

Planned configurations

A total of six types of configurations for this device will be presented. Depending on the price, the buyer will be able to choose the engine size, interior trim, various electronic components.

In general, everything is standard, but there is one highlight: of the six trim levels, only three will have a turbo engine. It is still unknown what versions will be supplied to our market.

Model Specifications

Tata Altroz ​​will have a wide range of engines, both gasoline and diesel. The company plans to use this chassis for electric vehicles, which have recently been gaining popularity in all countries.
This little monster has several internal combustion engines in the combat arsenal:

Tata Altroz iTurbo 2021.

Motor with a volume of 1.2 liters, which produces 82 horsepower. Many critics may say that this is not enough, but for a high-spirited city driving, that’s it.

The engine is a turbodiesel version with a volume of 1.5 liters and 90 horsepower.

1.2 liter turbocharged gasoline engine. He gives out as much as 110 horses.

The hero of the day receives a new control system: sport mode, which allows the driver to dynamically control this car. Before that, there were only two modes: eco and city. Sport mode allows you to accelerate the device to 100 kilometers per hour in just 12 seconds.

Thus, it is clear that the buyer has a lot to choose from. The novelty will be equipped with manual gearboxes, but there are also configurations with automatic gearboxes.

As it was said, this car is executed entirely on a new base, which was developed by the Indian concern. Everything is quite simple: the front of the car is based on standard racks, the rear is equipped with a full beam.

Tata Altroz iTurbo 2021.


Naturally, the price of the new product will rise, but all car critics predict an increase of only ten percent. Naturally, everything will depend on the configuration.

While the exact cost is kept under wraps. The price will be announced at the end of January, but it’s easy to calculate the approximate value, as it can be compared to last year’s model. In India, prepayments of 11 thousand rupees are accepted.

Last year’s copy costs about 699,000 to 909,000 rupees, the petrol one will be slightly cheaper.
All amounts are accurately translated into our rubles, so the cost can be calculated (1 rupee = 1.02 ruble).

In conclusion, I would like to say: this instance inspires confidence, there is an excellent ratio of price and quality.

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