Tata Safari 2021.

Tata Safari 2021.

Tata Safari 2021.

Tata Safari 2021 is a three-row crossover with 7 seats.
Indian auto giant Tata Motors has made a sensational statement: from 2021, it will again start releasing its legendary 7-seater Tata Safari crossover, which was very popular in a past life. It was decided to make this model the flagship of production.

The history of the model began in 2019. The model was placed on the Land Rover platform.

The updated model of Tata Safari has already been announced for production, the first orders are accepted. In the very near future, the crossover should already appear on the Indian domestic market, and only after that the company will start exporting the car to other countries.

At the initial stage, they wanted to give the Indian SUV a new name — Gravitas. However, after a short debate, it was decided to revive the old name, which has its own history, especially since there were already certain developments.


The design of the car will hardly change, except for the little things that should pleasantly surprise fans of this model. The predecessors were produced on the basis of a simple frame, but now the trolley of a well-known SUV manufacturer will be used.

The SUV gets a new radiator grille with a three-arrow logo. Its length increases significantly by 70 millimeters.

Tata Safari 2021.

It is possible that Safari will receive a new color scheme, but these are only assumptions. It is planned to use rims made of light metal alloys, which will greatly facilitate the weight of the vehicle.

The rear end has only one important feature: the roof pillars smoothly cut into the bumper. Lovers will immediately notice the design of the old predecessor of the three-row SUV in the features of the car.

Tata Safari, as before, looks menacing: flowing shapes that dramatically flow into sharp fairings, make it clear that this friend is ready for adventure.

Salon and equipment

The main changes inside the car are not yet known, but based on the prototype released, some assumptions can be made. The seven-inch dashboard will be decorated with natural wood, which will emphasize the premium status of the crossover.

There is a retractable display of the multimedia climate control system. The built-in Tata system supports all known platforms that will help you effortlessly pair a car with different devices, and a voice recognition sensor will help ensure the safety of the car.

Tata Safari 2021.

There is a built-in parking sensor. A rather interesting function was acquired by seats that can adapt to the conditions and driving style of the car. There is also a system that recognizes road terrain, which makes driving more predictable and safer.

It is planned to produce the SUV in two configurations: 6 and 7-seater salons. There will be one complete set, but additional options are provided upon the client’s order.


The model will be powered by a two-liter diesel engine produced by the Italian company Fiat. The engine produces 168 horsepower. The buyer can choose from two types of gearboxes: a 6-speed manual transmission and an automatic.

The boxes were provided by Hyundai. The car is equipped only with front-wheel drive, which is not typical for this class of cars, but later the engineers of the concern plan to install all-wheel drive, which will turn the car into a real beast.

In the engine range, there is no choice, as in the Harrier, the owner will get a 2-liter Kroytec turbodiesel (in fact, this is an internal combustion engine from Fiat Multijet II), the power of which is 170 hp.
Tata Safari 2021 has good dynamics, but most of all its character is manifested outside the city.

Tata Safari 2021.

The machine is equipped with a simple and very reliable suspension: the front end is in an independent set, the rear axle is mounted on a beam with springs. This type of construction is quite simple and reliable.


In this segment, the competition is huge, but the Indian manufacturer adheres to its ideological program: launching the production of innovative cars that will be equipped with the latest technology.

The main competitor of this car model can be safely considered the Hyundai Creta. However, do not forget about the price, as the Indian car will be much cheaper, which once again confirms the excellent value for money.

Tata Safari 2021.

Release date and prices

The release of the car is scheduled for March 2021. The planned price will vary depending on the vehicle configuration. The approximate cost will be 1.3 million rubles, which is slightly more than the price of the old Safari model.

Summing up the above, I would like to say with confidence that this car will be able to continue the good traditions of the Indian automotive industry, but the most important thing is that it is a truly worthy representative of the SUV family, which awaits a great future.

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