Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

A $30 million amphibious yacht with a Tesla Cybertruck on board.
A tuning kit is patented that turns the Tesla Cybertruck into a catamaran.

Production of the futuristic pickup truck will not begin in any way. Though it was presented more than years ago.

Nevertheless, various craftsmen create innovations that allow to radically change the pickup.

A resident of Seattle, Anthony Diamond decided to turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a swimming machine. The car will become a fashionable catamaran, and this tuning kit is already patented.

Diamond himself owns a Tesla electric car, and he got in line for a new pickup on the first day of applications.

According to Diamond, the Cybertruck has everything it needs to transform itself into an amphibious vehicle — rugged metal construction, a large battery and adaptive air suspension.

It will be possible to turn the pickup from a land vehicle into a water vehicle in just 5-10 minutes, and one person can handle the task.

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

Note that he did the tuning in two different variants. Basic one allows you to turn the car into a boat, and luxurious one called Cybercat Foiler promises to make it the best in class vessel.

The craftsman from Seattle adds that not every car is capable of becoming a watercraft, but the design of the Cybertruck is perfect for that.

There is a very sturdy body construction, large and capacious battery, and adaptive air suspension.

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

Surprisingly, with the new tuning kit you can turn the pickup into a boat by yourself, and only in 10 minutes.

The creator asks $22,900 — $32,900 for his Cybercat kit, which is 1.7-2.5 million in our currency.

And you will have to pay much more for the luxurious version of the Cybercat Foiler — from $35,400 to $42,900 (2.7-3.3 million rubles).

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

At such a price, you can already look closely at a well-equipped car.

The cost varies because of the number of available power units — the maximum output reaches 335 hp.

Speed can reach 40 km/h for the Cybercat and 64 km/h for the Cybercat Foiler. And the range on a full charge will be 185 km — an excellent result for moving on water.

Tesla Cybertruck Catamaran.

At the moment, it is unknown when this innovation will go on sale, but it is already possible to get in line.

At the end of last year, Tesla decided to brighten up fans’ anticipation of the Cybertruck with an unusual stylized accessory — a steel Cyberwhistle.

At the start of sales, its price was $50 (about 3,700 rubles at the then current exchange rate). However, after a few hours, the entire batch of whistles was sold out.

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