Tesla Model 2 2023.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

Initially Tesla representatives said that the future novelty will be the most affordable in financial terms, as the starting price tag of the electric car will be at the level of 25 thousand dollars, the equivalent of 1.8 million rubles.

Then it was assumed that the model will be called Model 2 or Model Q. It is reported that the American electric car will enter the market in 2023 and will be the main rival for the Nissan Leaf and KIA e-Niro.

It is expected that the electric car will be equipped with a «budget» version of the battery, thanks to which the manufacturer will be able to achieve a significant price reduction.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

Tesla announced the other day that the brand’s new and also the cheapest electric car will not be called Model 2, as previously reported.

Moreover, the exact name of this model has not been revealed yet. It is known that the future novelty Tesla will come in a hatchback body, and its debut will take place in 2023.

Independent designers have already published a series of renders, which reveal the possible appearance of the American model.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

Judging by the images, this car visually is almost no different from other Tesla products.

It has all the same sloping shapes and stands out for its smooth transitions between individual exterior details.

However, the designers marked the front with an unusual ledge, under which stretches a long air intake, framed on the sides by narrow fog lights.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

It is reported that the future Tesla hatchback will get a new battery of increased capacity, but smaller in size.

Company representatives said that this battery provides greater safety due to its design. Compared to other batteries, the new one is 35% smaller.

However, it is able to store and release more electricity with minimal risk of overheating. At the same time, the new battery increases range by about 16% for every kilowatt hour.

In addition, Tesla plans to make the battery part of the car.

Tesla Model 2 2023.

This solution simultaneously increases the volume of the cabin and reduces the weight of the electric car.

But exact specifications of the novelty are not disclosed.

Probably, the American hatchback will come out with only one electric motor, as it will help keep the car’s prices at a low level.

The novelty will cost less than 25 thousand dollars (less than 1.8 million rubles).

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