Tesla Model P 2021

Tesla Model P 2021

Tesla Model P 2021

Pickup Tesla model P 2021 — the prototype of a new electric car from America
It’s no secret that the lion’s share of Americans love pickups, and in some cities other modes of transport are simply absent. That is why further promotion of electric vehicles in the US market is impossible without the previously announced Model P.


Tesla had long understood the need to produce pickups, but the production difficulties of the previous two years made it impossible to even think about it. Now, a superbly thought-out marketing model, the creation of new production lines in Fremont and a signed contract with China have allowed us to create a price tag that can compete with other auto giants.

According to Musk, the estimated cost of the basic configuration of the new Tesla Model P electric pickup 2020-2021 will be no more than $ 50,000 (3.2 million rubles), while the closest competitor Rivian has a budget SUV starting at $ 69,000.

When it comes to Tesla, relying on the terms announced by Musk is not worth it. Everyone remembers the ever-shifting presentation dates of Sami and Roadster.

Tesla Model P 2021

Of course, companies can only deliver a bold plus for their unwillingness to rush engineers and release a low-quality product in advance. But as mentioned above, the release of a pickup truck is a strategically important event for the company and the entire electric car market.

Judging by the CEO’s twitter, waiting for the start of serial production is in the second half of 2021, and the first prototype will most likely be announced at a presentation in late 2019 — January 2020. Such late dates can also be explained by Tesla’s preparations for the serial production of Model Y.

By the way, there is still time to participate in the creation of the first prototype. Ilon in his account directly asks what potential buyers want to see.

Tesla Model P 2021


Although now only concept art of the future pickup is available to users, there is still information about its technical features, and in this case, Twitter became the source. As always, Tesla swung at something that does not fit into the head and that other companies will never dare.
The company’s official statement on this subject: «We want to do something new, which no one else had.»

Musk promised that the new Tesla SUV model P will be:

Two electric motors on each axis, respectively four-wheel drive;
The greater number and power of batteries, which have become cheaper thanks to the development of Maxwell;
More than 600 hp;
Smart air suspension that will adapt to the load, local terrain and daily routes;
Cruising range up to 500 miles (805 km);
Autopilot, parking attendant and 360 ° view.

Another director said the quote: “The pickup will get crazy torque.” In addition, there is information that Model P will be equipped with devices for towing 100 tons of cargo (that is, it can easily pull a Boeing), it will receive a 240-volt outlet for a power tool and an air compressor for a pneumatic tool.

It also became known that to the question of one of the shareholders, Max replied that it would be the “coolest” car in history, which would surpass the Ford F-150 in functionality and give Porsche 911 a head start in sports performance.

Tesla Model P 2021

Design and dimensions

Immediately after the publication of the first concept art of the new model, users immediately remembered Mask’s sympathy for the Blade Runner series, because the design of the new model differs from the previous products of the company by its excessive futurism. The director himself did not deny that he was inspired by the machines shown in the film and gave the future brainchild the name cyberpunk truck.

Model P will exceed the standard dimensions for its class. No one has yet given exact numbers in connection with the still crude sketches of the engineering part. It is stated that the height of the truck will also be much higher than the accepted standards, because of which Tesla has to work on the convenience of landing in a car.

A special cargo platform is being developed for this, and the doors will be seated on quadrangular hinges. Although, perhaps, Tesla will go through the use of air suspension.

Tesla Model P 2021

Salon and equipment

Unfortunately, concept art was limited only to body design. What will be inside the SUV is still unknown. Of course, judging by the size in the cabin, there will be where to turn around, especially, as Musk said, 6 people will quietly fit in the cab of the pickup truck.
Presumably, the interior will be made in the restrained minimalist style standard for all models. However, now the pickup is so badly knocked out of the general model line that, perhaps, the company can prepare something new

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