Tesla Model S 2021.

Tesla Model C 2021.

Tesla Model S 2021.

Tesla Model S 2021: the new version of the electric liftback.
The products of the Tesla automobile brand hold stable positions in the rating of premium electric cars.

The interest with which motorists expect a new version of Tesla Model C 2021 to enter the market in the «liftback» body is understandable and natural.

Beautiful, comfortable and reliable in operation, the new E-class model is characterized by a modified design of the front side of the body, created on the basis of new finishing materials, a premium salon interior, thoroughly modified parameters of the power units.

Already in the initial basic configuration, the new model will receive advanced technical and electronic options, including exclusive characteristics of a multimedia complex, effective functionality of climate control systems, navigation and active road safety.


Tesla Model C 2021.

In a striking, dynamic and expressive design, the new body combines elements of a recognizable corporate identity as well as a dynamic sporty style. The photo in the front view of the new generation electric liftback attracts attention:

• a steep slope of the windshield and a rounded front edge of the hood;

• bright chrome plating of the decorative strip perimeter and brand logo;

• lenticular configuration supplemented by strokes of running lights of LED optics units.

Elements of sporty aggression are demonstrated by the lower segment of the low-set front end. Available — a compact horizontal ventilation air intake, transverse lamellas and fog optics of diffusers, as well as a protruding profile of a narrow body kit.

The positive perception of the liftback in the frontal projection is formed by the harmonious combination of wave and stepped relief details.

Tesla Model C 2021.

In the body design of the sidewalls, changes are noticeable only in small details. In the spotlight:

• aerodynamic contour of the liftback domed roof sloping gently to the stern;

• narrow chrome-plated perimeter and arched configuration of side windows;

• stylish mirrors and door handles located in the recesses of the case.

The status of a high-speed premium electric car is confirmed by the low sporty ground clearance and the large diameter of the rims with the corporate multi-spoke pattern.

The absence of decorative chrome elements on the sidewalls is compensated by a set of longitudinal wave reliefs and a narrow silver lining located in the area of ​​the sill.

The structural and layout features of the aft part of the modernized liftback include a tailgate decorated with a decorative spoiler, corporate identity and a massive lining, an interesting interpretation and graphics of wedge-shaped lights, complemented by a small-sized body kit, a massive rear bumper protrusion.

Tesla Model C 2021.


Restyling has introduced a lot of new and interesting things in the design of the salon volume and its equipment. The leather upholstery is complemented by stylish, expressive accents in polished aluminum and precious wood inserts. The most comfortable and ergonomic interior for its class is characterized by exclusive technical solutions.

The front panel demonstrates:

• high information content of the multi-mode virtual instrument cluster, extended command functionality of the multi-wheel edited in a sporty style;

• 17-inch diagonal media-command display of the console, responsible for the touch activation of numerous comfort-forming and functional options.

The complete set of the tunnel offers an extended list of organizers and a double-leaf armrest that combines the function of a built-in refrigerator cover.

The premium service front pilot seats offer transverse lumbar support, performance-adjustable seat heating and ventilation systems, and electric adjustment ranges.

The design of the rear sofa compensates for the lack of additional conveniences with the backrest tilt and the presence of a folding comfortable armrest with integrated cup holders.

Excellent ergonomics of the Tesla’s cabin Model C 2021 provides three riders with increased volumes of personal space, but for tall passengers, a low sloping ceiling can create significant discomfort.

Given the specifics of the electric drive, the volume of the 745-liter luggage compartment can be considered nominal. The sofa’s simple transformation allows the storage compartment to be increased to an impressive 1645 liters.

Tesla Model C 2021.


The new model of the premium electric car of the 2021 model has retained the dimensions of its predecessor in proportional ratios of 4976 x 1963 and 1435 mm.

The center distance is 2959 mm, the clearance height is 152 mm. In the version with air suspension, the ground clearance varies in the range of 119-192 mm.

In various modifications, the Tesla Model S 2021 is equipped with asynchronous electric drives with a total capacity of 306 to 762 hp, powered by batteries with an energy capacity of 60-100 kW / h. The test drive confirmed the mileage of 375-613 km stated in the technical documentation.

Premium acceleration dynamics allows the driver to feel confident in the traffic flow of modern cities.

Options and prices

Abroad, the new Tesla Model From the 2021 model year will be presented in several modifications with a significant difference in the cost and functionality of on-board equipment. The price of the base model in the equivalent of the ruble currency starts from 4.5 million.

Sales start in Russia

Electric cars of different classes in the domestic market are unpopular due to the high cost and lack of a developed network of charging terminals. Thus, the release date of the new Tesla brand electric vehicle in Russia will be formed in the very distant future.


Models of the same class Audi A7 Sportback, BMW 5 Gran Turismo, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Porsche 918 Spyder or Jaguar I-Pace demonstrate identical or as close as possible characteristics.

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