Tesla Model U 2020.

Tesla Model U 2020

Tesla Model U 2020.

Tesla Model U 2020 — a new electric crossover of a famous brand.
Over the past couple of years, this American manufacturer of electric cars has increasingly focused on the creation and production of budget models, despite the fact that in the segment of premium cars he managed to achieve considerable success. The first “swallow” was Model 3, which began to arrive to its customers only recently. However, the company is already making plans to conquer the segment of urban crossovers and even presented its next product for its intended purposes.

Tesla Model with the prefix Y debuted on March 15 this year as part of a private show at the brand’s design bureau in California (USA). The presentation of the novelty stood out, as always, bright and was able to attract a lot of attention from auto-journalists.

The electric car shown is a mid-size crossover.

Tesla Model U 2020

It will be available:

with standard interior layout;
with an additional third row for boarding passengers.

Moreover, the model was created on the basis of Model 3 and, in fact, it is a “bloated” hatchback of the same name as a “donor”.
The undoubted advantage of the novelty is the volumetric luggage compartment, which, with the rear row folded down, can reach a volume of 1840 liters. In addition, the electric car received rich equipment — it consists of an autopilot, a 15-inch multimedia touchscreen, panoramic roof glazing and much more.

According to preliminary data, it will be possible to order this crossover starting in the spring of next year. The minimum price of the Tesla Model Y 2019-2020 model year will be 39 thousand dollars.

Tesla Model U 2020


As already noted, the crossover is based on the Model 3. The platform implies an independent suspension of both axles, as well as a disc brake system with the possibility of ventilation.

It is known that four power modifications will be offered for the novelty. The table shows their characteristics — from basic to top-end, namely:

1. Standard Range,
2. Long Range,
3. Long Range (Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive),
4. Performance.

It is also worth noting that the last two variations have four-wheel drive. It is implemented by means of an electric motor on each of the wheels of the crossover.

Tesla Model U 2020



The 2019 Model Y has a catchy exterior design. The electric car attracts with pointed, at the same time, diagonal LED headlights, wide and expressive wings, as well as a drop-down roof.
The latter gives the model a merry silhouette. However, the feed of the car turned out to be a little cumbersome, so you can not call it pulled up.


The interior is decorated futuristically, while its basis is minimalism — analog control keys can only be found on the steering wheel, while all the main ones are subordinated to the sensor. In addition, the instrument cluster is also virtual and integrated into the surround monitor occupying the central area of ​​the dashboard.

The information touchscreen displays navigation, data from Internet services, on-board displays and the battery level, so reproaching it with little functionality will fail.

As for the front seats, they have a nice profile, although the lateral support for an active driving style clearly does not have. But the driver, front passenger will be able to enjoy the convenience of a long trip, and this contributes to the wide central and elongated armrest, on which you can conveniently throw your hand.

Tesla Model U 2020

The second-row sofa meets its riders without much hospitality. In any case, the width of the place for three is not enough. In addition, legroom will be enough only with an increase of 185 centimeters, which is unlikely to please long-legged passengers. The third passenger row is conditional — it is designed for small children and an adult has nothing to do here.

Conclusions: Tesla Model Y is not amazing in terms of interior comfort. But its technical part is intriguing: productive modifications with an impressive power reserve and outstanding dynamics are able to make this crossover one of the most dynamic among their classmates, which will make the latter pretty nervous.

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