Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

This electric crossover was introduced in 2012, and its main feature was the rear doors that open upwards. At the same time, the 2020 Tesla Model X of the 2020 model year boasts impressive dimensions (the length of the car is 5 meters), as well as a solid set of modifications.

There are four of them, each of which differs, first of all, in the battery capacity (70, 90, 100 and 100 kWh) and, accordingly, in mileage.
Cruising range: 417-542 km.

Elon Musk’s EV company now has a clear design language. With a minimal grille without air intakes (the advantage of not having to cool the combustion byproducts in a traditional engine) — the X looks like an updated S model — but unlike anything else in the SUV segment.

The Tesla Model X is incredibly large and spacious. And it’s really chic, so much so that you can get the crossover in five, seven, or six-seat configurations. The car that the experts tested is a seven-seater.


Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

Tesla’s Falla Wing doors differentiate the Model X from the Model S, just like any other vehicle. While they seem like overkill, sometimes they do become useful. To begin with, you cannot speed up the opening of the door.

The whole process takes the impatient forever. Moreover, the doors do not always open smoothly or evenly, giving the impression that they are rather fragile.

There are situations where such doors really come in handy. For example, when parked next to other cars. Tesla says they are invaluable for senior passengers too, and you can see why. But doors can also be a nuisance.

Whatever you think of the doors, they are part of the usability-focused Model X, and this design spirit is evident inside the car as well.

There are three seat configurations available and can be electrically folded and slid. With the rear two seats folded down, the trunk becomes quite decent volume, and if you’re still not happy there is always a front trunk.

Driving comfort

Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

Imagine a Model S with a large size and weight, this is exactly what Model X is. Like the sedan, the SUV version offers a relatively stiff ride and fast linear acceleration.

In reality, you are only reminded of 2.3 tons when braking or turning. Comfort, handling and dynamism are at a very high level, but do not think that this is a competitor to the Alfa Romeo SUV. It’s just that the car runs quietly and goes fast.

If the acceleration is too fast for you, putting the car in cooling mode will make the work a little more relaxed, as well as increase the autonomy.

Like its siblings, the Model X exhibits less precise steering. Switching to sport mode certainly helps, but not much. An electric crossover may be a family car, but this is an area where Tesla will need to improve in order to compete with more experienced chassis tuning engineers.

Tesla’s ultimate goal is that you still won’t drive in the traditional sense. The X test model was equipped with Tesla’s autopilot and remains one of the best driving assistance packages on the market today. As soon as the system decides that the road is approaching, the Autopilot engages in two movements, and that’s almost all.

Traffic jams, lane changes on motorways and slip roads are handled quickly and smoothly, although they may be a little extra cautious when colliding with vehicles that move too often in the lanes.

Off the motorway network, the usual parking assistance and the ability to simply let it go at city speeds while following the car in front is enough to lower your heart rate slightly.

Even when Autopilot is not in use, Tesla constantly informs you of your proximity to other vehicles and even detects trucks and motorcycles in your path. This little detail helps create an element of trust between you and the vehicle.

Tesla Model X 2020-2021.

Charging Tesla Model X.

Tesla’s network of super-charging stations is expanding and can charge a battery from zero to one hundred percent in less than one hour, but most users tend to do quick recharging rather than “refilling” their batteries from scratch.

So the charging process does not take much longer than refueling with gasoline or diesel, and faster than refueling at a gas station.

Add to this the ability to charge your car at home and at work, and if you do not decide on a very long trip, then you will not even have to worry about autonomy and charge level.

The charging process itself is simpler than refueling, you can just stay in the cabin, play games on the huge touchscreen, watch movies, although at this moment the noise of the fan, which cools the batteries while charging, is a little annoying.

Tesla Model X 2020-2021.


Adding to the six or seven seat options is a bit expensive but definitely worth it, otherwise you might as well stick with the more conventional S model.

Tesla Model X starts at £ 82,700 for long-range model or £ 96,900 for Performance


Three years after launch, the Tesla Model X is not the leap forward it used to be, but it remains a quirky, intuitive SUV that is likely to be great for some families.

The 2020 Model X is still great, and from the sci-fi panoramic windshield to doors that open for you, Tesla still gives you some things that other cars simply don’t have.

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