Tesla Model X 2022.

Tesla Model X 2022.

Tesla Model X 2022.

Tesla Model X 2022: a new version of the premium electric car in crossover configuration.

The design and configuration of the new version of the prestigious electric car — Tesla Model X 2022 — rationally uses fresh technological and design solutions aimed at improving the appearance, interior comfort and traction-speed potential of the power unit.

The new model is presented in versions with 6- and 7-seat layout. Distinctive features of the upgraded Tesla: a modified front bumper, glossy black plastic decorative accents, an exclusive pattern of 18-inch wheel rims, as well as the hinged rear doors decorated in the «falcon’s wings» style.


Despite its crossover status, the third generation of the branded electric car with the index X is more associated with a coupe-like sedan. In the design features of the front:

stepped sides of the aerodynamic hood;
decorative overlay with the company logo;
massive bumper with a fine-meshed air intake grid and a set of fog lights.
In a relatively peaceful entourage of the front end there are elements of aggressiveness, this is an unkind squint of the front optics blocks and the predominance of ribbed details of the body reliefs.

The 2022 Tesla X looks no less stylish and presentable in the profile photo. The new body spectacularly demonstrates:

The rather conventional difference in the slopes of the hood and windshield panoramic glazing;
the sloping fastback slope of the domed roof;
The arched contour of the side windows and the correct geometry of the stepped contours of the wheel housings.

Tesla Model X 2022.

Also in view are the modernized mirrors, black matting of the plastic sills, and a nominal amount of stepped and wave-like longitudinal body profiles. The back of the body is simply, yet elegantly designed. Featuring:

The semicircular edge of the outboard spoiler and the decorative aerodynamic protrusion;
interesting in conception and implementation of the corporate graphics of multi-functional clearance and stop lights connected by a decorative crosspiece;
compact luggage compartment door, complemented by a black plastic bumper.
Even in the absence of bright and expressive chrome accents, the third version of the Tesla Model X 2022 executive class crossover configuration initially forms a positive visual perception.


Finished with quality leather, good-quality plastic, valuable wood and aluminum, the spacious interior is dominated by the principle of minimalism.

Tesla Model X 2022.

The control functions are concentrated on the touchpad of the 17-inch media display and on the steering wheel faceplate.

A multifunctional digital dashboard is responsible for the output of current technical information.

Also on the front panel there is a set of ventilation diffusers equipped with air filters. In the basic configuration of the tunnel extended list of travel, functional and comfort organizers, including cup holders and an impressive volume refrigerator compartment.

Restyling marked itself a new, typical for full-size cars layout of seats. Perfectly profiled pilot front row seats, with lateral support and a wide range of operational adjustments, complemented by ventilation and seat heating.

The second row seats are formatted as two separate seats or as a three-seater, comfortable and spacious sofa.

Tesla Model X 2022.

The third row offers two seats for transporting children, since the low sloping roof creates discomfort for adult passengers.

The design of the body assumes the possibility of partial transformation of the rear seats to increase the loading volume of the luggage compartment.

An additional container for small luggage is located under the hood. Niche for a spare tire and a spare tire itself, as well as on-board tools in the list of additional equipment is absent.

Test-drive of the cabin confirmed a good visibility in all directions, a low level of internal and external noise level, a large amount of free space for the driver and all fellow travelers.

Convenient location of ports for connecting external electronic gadgets with different digital standards.

Technical characteristics

Belonging of the new electric car to the family of full-size cars is confirmed by the realized in the classic ratios of 5004 x 2083 and 1626 mm external body dimensions.

The high driving and off-road characteristics of the chassis provide the wheelbase length of 3061 mm and adjustable in the range of 140-230 mm ground clearance.

Tesla Model X 2022.

The new incarnation of the Tesla Model X 2022 is equipped with a comfortable air suspension, high-performance disc brakes with heat-resistant ceramic pads, stabilizers, and passive and active safety systems adapted to the premium status of the crossover.

The basic equipment includes autopilot, several electronic assistants, traffic monitoring circuit, parking sensors and blind spot cameras.

— The entry-level model of the new crossover is powered by a pair of electric motors with a combined power potential of 333 hp / 525 Nm, connected to a modular battery with a capacity of 75, 90 or 100 kWh.

— The most sophisticated top-end modification has a power of 762 hp and peak thrust of 967 Nm. The acceleration from 6.2 to 3.1 seconds, top speed up to 250 km/h, range from 475 to 525 km.

Features and prices

The new Tesla Model X 2022 model year in the world market is announced in four modifications with a significant difference in power drives and cost.

Depending on the number of special options and the type of drive, the price of the crossover will be formed in the range from 90 to 120 thousand dollars.

Start of sales in Russia

Due to the small demand for electric cars on the market of the Russian Federation, the date of release in Russia by the leadership of the company «Tesla» was not initially indicated.


In the first three of the same type of competitors models of other brands class Mercedes-AMG GLS, Cadillac XT6 and Jaguar I-Pace.

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