The Alpine 2022 F1.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

Alpine has unveiled a new Formula 1 car. And it’s pink! The French team has changed its livery because of its new title sponsor.

In the season-2022 the factory team of concern Renault will continue to speak under the brand of Alpine, which specializes in the production of road sports cars.

Before the new championship in the team has changed the composition of the leaders and sponsors — in Alpine, together with the head of Otmar Safnauer from Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team moved Austrian company BWT, sponsoring many teams in different racing series.
And this had a serious impact on the coloring of the team.

During the presentation of the car Alpine A522, held in Paris, was presented to the new machine of the Spaniard Fernando Alonso and Frenchman Esteban Ocon, who will continue to speak for the team in the current year.

In addition to simplified aerodynamics, defined by the new technical regulations, the car has a completely new power plant Renault E-Tech RE22, in which reliability engineers have sacrificed more power.
But the main feature of the Alpine A522 is the «double» livery.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

One of the requirements of the sponsor BWT is the obligatory presence of the bright pink color in the livery of the cars of the supported teams, and some teams paint their entire vehicles in this shade.

The BWT Alpine F1 Team went further — the basic livery includes pink inserts on the side pontoons and rear wing, and the second version is made entirely pink with elements of blue Alpine.

True, a completely pink livery team will use only the first two Grand Prix in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and then return to the traditional blue colors.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

The last team, which will present its car for the new season of Formula 1, will be Alfa Romeo — Italian-Swiss team officially declassify his car only on February 27, when it will already be the first part of the preseason tests of the championship world.

The press-service of the team of Formula 1 shared the curious details: in the first two stages of the season-2022 racing car Alpine will receive a special «reverse» livery.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

This means that at the Bahrain and Saudi Grand Prix the Alpine car will appear to the spectators of the Royal races in a pink livery.

So Alpine is going to hint at his new sponsor — BWT. In the future, in the course of the season, the team will again opt for the familiar blue colors.

The new car team presented twice: at first the premiere was broadcast live from the studio, and then moved to the open air.

The Alpine 2022 F1.

In a closed space the car seemed to be in blue with pink accents, while in the fresh air the pink color dominated over the blue.

It turned out that the team has presented two versions of their formula car. He will try on a pink livery in the first two races, and to the end of the season will compete in the blue.

Recall, this year in Formula 1 will enter the new technical regulations, which greatly changes the appearance of cars and their technical specifications.

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