The new Honda Envix 2022.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

New Honda Envix 2022: How is the updated model different from the old version?

Talking about the Dongfeng Honda Envix, you may be a little confused, in fact, it is a sister model to the GAC Honda Crider, but its popularity is not as high as that of its counterpart.

It does, however, have a definite price advantage. A mid-term facelift procedure was recently launched for this car, and some features have been improved.

The 2022 Honda Envix is available in a total of eight configurations. Compared to the old version, the number of configurations has increased by 4.

In terms of looks, the biggest change to the new Envix compared to the old model is the redesigned family-style front fascia.

The chromed banner grille is now more refined and the headlights on both sides are slimmer.

Coupled with the design of the dynamic side air intakes and larger fog lights, the entire front end is not only more recognizable, but also looks sportier, with a slight shadow of the next-generation Civic.

The Envix 2022’s configuration is largely unchanged from the old model, with LED, adaptive high-beam and low-beam headlights included as standard equipment.

The Envix’s side profile hasn’t changed much, and it still has an irregular waistline shape that looks very powerful.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

The new wheel shape looks cooler, and with a small antifender in the rear, the car shows off its dynamic character.

The model is equipped with 17-inch two-tone rims that stylistically match the Envix’s positioning.

The wheels are combined with Yokohama tires with a specification of 215/50 R17. The dimensions of the new car are 4772x1840x1509 mm, and the wheelbase is 2730 mm, which is 16 mm more than the old model.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

The back of the car has not changed much, while the details have been modernized: now they look more three-dimensional and have a clearer contour.

The manufacturer also updated the bumper, LED lights in the shape of the letter «C» and installed an inverted spoiler, which now looks more sporty.

As for the interior, there are not many changes in general, but the details have been modernized.

First of all, in terms of color selection. The car has a black and white contrasting design, which looks warmer and more stylish. The shape of the center console has also become simpler.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

A «pop-up» screen of the media system and a large-sized LCD instrument panel are installed here.

The steering wheel remains the same, but the developer added silver chrome trim to the multimedia control area on the right.

Improved interior configuration is the biggest change in the new Envix.

First, the car is upgraded to the Honda CONNECT 3.0 Intelligent Interconnection System, which supports OTA updates, roadside assistance calls, etc.

The new Honda Envix 2022.

In addition, the manufacturer has also added a wireless charging feature in the front row, which can be seen as compensating for the shortcomings of the old model.

Power-wise, there are fuel-powered and hybrid versions. The former features a CVT transmission and a 1.0T engine with 90 kW (122 hp) and a maximum torque of 173 N*m.

Total fuel consumption is 5.92 l/100 km. Hybrid version is equipped with a 1.5 liter powertrain.

The powertrain is combined with an E-CVT transmission, and the total fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.1 liters.

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