Toyora Supra 2021.

Toyora Supra 2021.

Toyora Supra 2021.

Toyora Supra 2021: a budget sports car with a striking appearance.
The Japanese released the previous generation of the striking Toyota Supra sports car about three years ago, and now, quite unexpectedly, the time has come for a new restyling.

This is due to the fact that the brand seeks to expand the circle of potential buyers before the predicted calm, and then, possibly, the crisis in the market of semi-sports utilitarian cars.

As a result, the Toyora Supra 2021 turned out to be ultra-modern, bright, with a slightly refined interior and a new engine.

At the same time, the price of the sports car remains quite acceptable, which will help maintain the demand for the car at a decent level in various parts of the automotive world.


The first photos of the novelty make it possible to judge a rather serious change in most of the body parts, despite the fact that they have not changed in size and retained their previous outlines.

Toyora Supra 2021.

At the same time, the new body also acquired some previously hidden details: the relief became more expressive, some aerodynamic elements appeared that are not only beautiful, but also capable of maintaining the stability of the car on the track at high speeds.

All this together adds to the look of aggression and helps to draw attention to the car of both neighbors in traffic and pedestrians.

The 2021 Toyota Supra’s face has received the most changes. It is not very high, but due to the small area of ​​the passenger compartment it looks wide and long.

Its sportiness is also given by the noticeable curvature at the front. There is quite a lot of relief here, and it is located mainly longitudinally.

The bonnet cover brings the eye to the teardrop-shaped headlights, the filling of which depends on the configuration: either xenons or LEDs.

The inflated body kit boasts muscular relief and several air intakes at once. In the center there are three small slots of the same configuration, separated by a modest layer of plastic.

The side cutouts are smaller and are designed to cool the brakes. But the fog lights on this model are not provided for by the design.

Toyora Supra 2021.

The sides of the new model do not look big, but for a sports car it is quite normal. Here, the large doors with muscular relief passages and modest glass in glossy black frames stand out.

Small rounded mirrors, circular protruding wheel arches and sills, which themselves bear the load of aerodynamic elements, complete the sporty look.

The rear part has noticeably added to its aggressiveness. It is quite tilted, but the large area of ​​the rear window provides good visibility.

From below, it passes into a small luggage compartment lid, on which a huge spoiler is located in dissonance.

Then there are narrow overall plafonds entering into the depths of the body, surrounded by a prominent forward relief.

All this is perfectly combined with a volumetric body kit, which includes a large number of all kinds of elements: slots for air access to the brakes, a metal diffuser, repeaters «stops» and trunks of the exhaust system termination, divorced at the corners.

Toyora Supra 2021.


For the new 2021 Toyota Supra model year, a decent interior is prepared. It uses genuine leather in three colors, Alcantara and metal, among which there is even carbon.

There will also be a small amount of plastic. But none of the complete sets provides for fabrics. The overall image is supported by a multimedia system with a large number of options and very comfortable sports bucket seats.

Front end decoration

The designers made the torpedo as compact as possible in order to save space in the cabin. At the top of the console will be a large multimedia touchscreen, as well as a strip of relatively small air ducts.

The next floor is a dozen physical keys and switches, representing a small «piano», and then a block for adjusting the climate system and buttons for heating the seats.

A little lower, a rather large central tunnel flaunts. It starts with a hollow for placing small things, in which you can also recharge a gadget or connect an external storage device to the car.

At a distance, on a dais, there is a technical unit with a gear selector at the head, and immediately behind it is an armrest, into which cup holders are built. Here you can also find a voluminous glove compartment with the function of cooling the contents.

Seats and trunk

As a true sports car, the new Supra has two luxurious semi-sports buckets with leather trim, which will have excellent soft filling inside.

It is worth noting the lateral support, which in this car allows the driver and passenger to remain «in the saddle» even at high speeds. Additional options include heating, ventilation and precise electrical position adjustments.

The luggage compartment of the car can hardly be called outstanding, but 2-3 sports bags or packages will fit in it for sure!

Toyora Supra 2021.


Engineers have prepared two very interesting engines for the Toyora Supra 2021. The two-liter gasoline turbo engine running in the base is capable of producing as many as 257 «horses», which was confirmed by a test drive.

And the updated three-liter engine will already show 335 forces. Its characteristics will allow the car to accelerate «to one hundred» in less than 6 seconds!

Unfortunately, the drive and transmission will remain uncontested: only an eight-speed robot and exclusively rear-wheel drive.

Tests have shown that the car is able to literally «shoot» from a place and quickly pick up speed, but the price is high fuel «appetite».

Options and prices

In order to buy the simplest version of the new Supra, you will need to pay almost 51 thousand US dollars. The most expensive version will cost about 5 thousand units of the American currency more.

Competing models

Among the main competitors of the sports Japanese woman, it is worth considering the BMW Z4, as well as the Porsche 911 Turbo.

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