Toyota 4Runner 2022.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

Toyota 4Runner 2022: a stylish and high-quality off-road conqueror.

Japanese brand Toyota has been pleasing its fans for a long time with regular restyling of the brutal frame all-terrain vehicles that can operate in the toughest conditions.

This time it was the turn of Toyota 4Runner 2022 model year. Brutal «cross-country vehicle» received slightly more modern body with new decorations, improved interior, as well as slightly modified underhood characteristics.

The usual trump card of the car remains its relatively affordable cost, thanks to which the top management plans not only to keep loyal fans of the brand, but also to expand their circle.

The exterior of .

Already from the photo of the car it is clear that its appearance is dominated by more practical features. However, the lighting fixtures, relief transitions and air intakes look quite harmonious, attracting the attention of neighbors in the stream.

The front projection of the new model received the most changes. It is located very high and slightly inclined to the roadway, which may become an obstacle for drivers of short stature.

In addition, the windshield is small and has a very modest angle of inclination. In its lower part it turns into a powerful, but almost deprived of relief hood, where the air intake slot is cozily located.

Right in front of it, you can find the arrow-shaped headlights, consisting mainly of xenon lamps. Right below them, in boomerang-shaped slots, there are large round fog lamps.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

The hexagonal air intake grille is located quite high and includes a honeycomb insert, divided into two parts by a chrome lamella.

The Toyota Runner 2022’s bodykit hints at the novelty’s ability to handle off-roading, and, in addition to aerodynamic transitions, is adorned with a protective steel plate.

The profile projection of the new body is done in a solid corporate style, indicating belonging to a family of SUVs.

The roof, in accordance with the design idea, shows the angular transitions, and the strict expeditionary trunk only emphasizes these angles.

Large windows of correct shape are separated by wide uprights; just below them begins restrained smooth relief, resting at the bottom with huge trapeze of wheel arches, as well as brutal footrest on the sills.

Massive mirrors with twist-light doublers and strongly protruding door handles complete the look.

The rear of the car is almost devoid of slope and looks no less formidable.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

Here the identity to the family of SUVs is most clearly seen due to the huge visor over the large oval window, rectangular parking lights with dimmer, as well as the modest, but expressive relief with recessed area under the license plate.

The trim here stands out for its small size and secret power, helping it act as a stepping stone to access the interior and contain off-road elements.


Inside the new 2022 model year Toyota Foraner, everything is not done without frills, but quite simply.

Slightly outdated architecture of the front panel is smoothed by good-quality trim materials, fabrics, leather and two kinds of plastic; and the command and entertainment system will please potential buyers with new additional features.

Front end styling

Directly in front of the driver is located strict central console, which attracts the attention of a massive rectangular ducts and touchscreen multimedia surrounded by physical buttons.

Large pucks of climate control, as well as jacks for connection of all possible gadgets to the car and charging of smartphones are just below it.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

The steering wheel with four spokes located at right angles to each other is characterized by the abundance of auxiliary buttons and quite comfortable, despite its size, configuration.

The central tunnel of the car is not too developed in height, but it is wide: enough to place respectable size cup holders, a large technical panel and armrest, which hid a compartment for small items.

Seats and luggage compartment

The cabin can accommodate from five to seven people at a time. All will get a well-profiled, soft seat, which is adjusted by electric actuators on the front row and mechanical — on the rest.

Of comfortable «pluses» will be available heated and lumbar-side support for the driver and front passenger, as well as a multifunctional table and pockets — for everyone else.

The third row is a little more unsophisticated, but there is enough space for two adult men.

Toyota 4Runner 2022.

The luggage compartment stands out for its size even among the classmates. Having folded two rear rows, it is possible to reach 2660 liters!

Technical Specifications

For Toyota 4Runner 2022 engineers have prepared a single gasoline engine of 4 liters with an output of 272 powers.

The five-speed automatic transmission is also non-alternative, but the drive can be chosen: either rear or all-wheel drive.

After the test drive it was possible to establish that the novelty will slowly gain speed, mediocre handling and have a large «appetite».

However, all these disadvantages are compensated by excellent off-road and payload capabilities.

Options and prices

In the case of the Runner 4, there is no need to expect an abundance of options. The starting price of the car will be approximately $37,500, while the price with all the additional equipment will approach the mark of $44,000.

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