Toyota Alphard 2021.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

Among the minivans supplied to the Russian market, the new Toyota Alphard of 2021 stands out favorably, which offers a level of comfort that neither VW Multivan nor Kia Carnival can achieve.

However, you will have to pay a lot for this. The Japanese model with the only 300-horsepower 3.5-liter engine is estimated in Russia at 4.764 million rubles.

For this money, the buyer gets a 6-seater salon, trimmed with artificial leather. The first and second row of seats are complemented by an electric drive that remembers the selected settings.

In addition, a 9-inch touchscreen monitor, a three-zone climate, an extensive security complex and other equipment are available by default for the Japanese minivan.

Optionally, the Alphard is equipped with an air ionizer in the cabin, ventilated second-row seats and premium acoustics.

Options and prices

Recently, in addition to the 2021 Toyota Alphard, fans of the Japanese brand have available a similar minivan from Lexus, which received a new body.

Although this car, judging by the official photos, even outwardly resembles its prototype. But for the minivan from Lexus, completely different configurations are prepared at higher prices.

Alphard looks more attractive against its background only because it is more affordable, when the technical characteristics of both models are the same.

In Russia, the Japanese minivan is offered in three modifications (Prestige, Lux and Executive lounge) and with one engine. The car is also notable for the fact that, unlike other Toyota products, they do not offer optional packages with it.

Toyota Alphard 2021.


A basic Japanese minivan is available for a minimum of 4.764 million rubles. This amount by default includes:

aluminum rims with a radius of 16 inches;
electronic parking brake;
LED lighting technology in a circle with a light sensor;
windscreen wipers with rain sensor;
electrically heated exterior mirrors with an electric drive, which automatically folds them after stopping;
electric rear doors and trunk;
glazing with UV protection;
4.2-inch color screen of the trip computer.

The 2021 Toyota Alphard comes standard with a leather-braided multifunction steering wheel, a start button and six seats.

The seats of the first and second row are complemented by electric heating and a servo-drive that remembers the selected positions.

Moreover, the rear seats come with a retractable footrest and a separate climate control panel. All seats are lined with artificial leather.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

Responsible for safety in the Japanese model are:

7 pillows;
brake lock and slip warning systems;
Cruise control;
tracking system for «blind» zones;
several parking sensors;
electronic stability control system;
driver’s assistant when starting on an incline.

The convenience of driving a Japanese minivan is provided by an electric heating for the steering wheel, a three-zone climate control system and a multimedia complex.

It includes a 9-inch touchscreen monitor, an eight-speaker audio system and a rear-view camera. The interior of the minivan is provided with LED backlighting, the shade of which can be changed. The air ionization system is also available to the car.


The next version of the Japanese model is estimated at 5.032 million rubles. This modification introduces 18-inch wheels, premium acoustics with 17 speakers and navigation. Back row passengers have access to a separate monitor, which is built into the ceiling, and seat ventilation.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

Executive lounge

The top-end equipment of the minivan costs 5.118 million rubles. This version of the Japanese model is aimed more at corporate clients rather than family motorists. This modification differs from the previous one only due to separate hooks located opposite the second and third rows of seats, as well as a folding table.


Unlike many other latest innovations from the Japanese brand, the 2021 Toyota Alphard is still based on an outdated platform with McPherson front shock struts and a double wishbone rear suspension. Ventilated disc brakes are located around the minivan.

In length, the Japanese model is 4945 mm long with a wheelbase of three meters. The vehicle is 1850 mm wide and 1945 mm high.

Included with the minivan is only one 3.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with direct fuel injection and variable valve timing at the inlet and outlet.

The maximum output of this unit is limited to 300 hp, and its torque reaches 361 N * m. The drive in all versions of the Alphard goes to the front axle. The engine is combined exclusively with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

In other markets, the Japanese minivan is also available with a 2.5-liter turbo engine and a hybrid power plant. There are also four-wheel drive versions.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

Handling and off-road capabilities

The 2021 Toyota Alphard is a flat-surface minivan. Its 160mm ground clearance makes it difficult to drive even onto a country road, let alone off-road. And the suspension of the minivan is not capable of constantly withstanding blows from below.

The Alphard is not an easy-to-maneuver car. It is pleasant to drive in a straight line at low to medium speeds. In this case, a comfortable environment is created inside the minivan, which is largely provided by a high-quality sound insulation system.

However, when picking up speed, there are noticeable shocks and vibrations that are transmitted to all seats. The Alphard’s steering gear, like the pedals, is responsive to driver input, and built-in on-board electronics prevent body roll. Due to the design features of the car, it rarely goes into a skid.

Service costs

The maintenance costs of the Japanese model are quite high. Depending on the type of breakdown, car owners will have to pay:

from 20 thousand rubles for motor repair;
from 8 thousand rubles for the restoration of the cylinder head block;
from 15 thousand rubles for the repair of the piston group;
from 20 thousand rubles for replacing the crankshaft;
from 9 thousand rubles for replacing the timing chain;
from 4 thousand rubles for replacing the oil pump.

On the other hand, the suspension of the Japanese minivan is not satisfactory: its parts nurture at least 50 thousand kilometers.

Toyota Alphard 2021.

The automatic transmission is highly durable. A «atmospheric» engine with timely maintenance is able to do without major repairs for more than 300 thousand kilometers. The restoration of interior decoration will become more problematic due to the fact that it is initially quite expensive.

Dynamic characteristics and fuel consumption

The Alphard, as noted earlier, is designed for medium to low speed travel. However, acceleration to 100 km / h for the Japanese model takes about 8.3 seconds, which is not enough for such a large car. The average fuel consumption of a minivan is 10.5 liters.


One of the main distinguishing features of the Japanese minivan is its massive grille with large lamellas that intersect with each other. On the sides, it is framed with chrome piping that goes under the relatively narrow head optics.

The hood of the Japanese model is shortened, and the front bumper, on the contrary, is widened. On the sides, triangular niches were built into it, in which fog lights are located.

The main part of the Alphard stern are large LED lights, which, smoothly curving along the window sill line, go to the side of the body.

The salon of the Japanese model is designed in a premium style. All seats, as well as door cards, are finished in faux leather.

On the transmission tunnel and the front panel there are decorative lacquered wood inserts. The slightly arched center console contains a large touchscreen monitor, under which the physical controls for the onboard electronics are located.

The second row of seats is complemented by its own climate control buttons. Above them is a large monitor, which can be hidden in the ceiling if necessary. The luggage compartment, thanks to its long wheelbase, can hold up to 1,900 liters of cargo.

Sales start

Today in Russia the latest version of Alphard is sold, which is supplied to the domestic market directly from Japan.

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