Toyota Aygo X 2022.

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

The new Toyota Aygo: now a «crossover,» bigger, but with the same engine.

The Japanese company will set up production of the «crossover hatch» designed for the European market this December at its own plant in the Czech Republic.

Toyota has been producing the current Aygo small hatchback since 2014, the model was restyled a few years ago.

Recall, this model was created in partnership with PSA (now the French group has merged with the concern FCA in the auto giant Stellantis).

The current Aygo has a pair of «twins» — Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 — however, the Japanese compact will not have «brothers» next generation. Today the company has officially declassified the novelty.

A precursor of the novelty is a concept Aygo X prologue presented in March 2021.

A month ago, the Japanese brand published a teaser of the production car, which during the change of generation has corrected its name — now the model has a prefix «X» to the name.

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

Then the company officially announced that the new Aygo X will be an A-class crossover. At that it is specified that the «X» should be pronounced as cross.

The new Aygo became much bigger compared to its predecessor. The length of the so-called «crossover-hatchback» is 3700 mm (235 mm more), width — 1740 mm (125 mm more), height — 1510 mm (50 mm more).

Distance between the axles is 2430 mm, while the actual «five-door» has 2340 mm wheelbase.

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

Visually the novelty belonging to the Parkettes is underlined with bodykit from unpainted plastic perimeter and 17- and 18-inch wheel disks (depending on a version), whereas the basic version of the predecessor has 15-inch wheels.

Aygo X has smaller angle of slope of the windshield and ground clearance has increased by 11 mm.

The novelty Toyota’s optics are fully LED, the luggage door represents a glass panel, and the rear door windows don’t go down, but are folded up.

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

In addition, the model will still have the option of a folding soft top (fabric stretched over a large sunroof, sliding manually).

There will be no three-door variants in the new generation of the Aigo.

There is more space for driver and passengers in the cabin and improved noise insulation.

The Toyota Aygo X is equipped with seven airbags (including the central airbag between the front seats).

Toyota Aygo X 2022.

Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with 9-inch touch screen and JBL audio system can be installed for extra charge.

The basic list includes Toyota Safety Sense complex of electronic aides, including automatic braking system, which works due to radar and frontal camera.

The volume of the trunk in the course of the generation change increased up to 231 liters (the current Aygo has 168 liters).

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